Monday, September 13, 2010

VMA's 2010 Review:The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

As a loyal watcher of the VMA's I have to say that this year was the worst... From a channel that rarely plays videos anymore it seems to be quite pointless to even have this award show. I began watching at 8pm which was the pre-show and the main events were said to be Lady GaGa's arrival and Nikki Minaj's performance Now from the BET Award performance I was already set to be disappointed and like clock work she was far worst then I could have ever imagined.

She (Minaj) came out in this cotton candy hair and this foil type catsuit with this song she sang (or lip synced) with Will even he couldn't save this one. Meanwhile GaGa showed and made a statement with her escorts (The men and women discharged for being openly gay in the military) and wearing the departed designer Alexander Mcqueen's final line as well as winning the first 2 awards of the night. Other than that the pre-show arrivals was less then stellar.

Chelsea Handler pulled no punches as Host she went after everyone from Kanye to the Jersey Shore kids I was highly entertained. People via twitter were mad when she said anything about their favorite "star" all I could say was inmagine if it was Kathy Griffin..


The main show kick off with Eminem with not so special guest Rhianna. Rhianna has offically started the count down to her career being over. She sounded a hot mess (no surprise) and she looked a circus freak with that blood red wig on. (Rhianna stick to the short do)

As the show went on I couldn't understand as to why I was watching this until Taylor Swift came out with a performance that started with a clip of last years VMA's of Kanye interupting her speech and if you thought that was it your sadly mistaking. The song she sang was a ballad that if you didn't know any better sounded like a date rape scene. (I loved every min of it)

Drake came on with MJB. Drake should thank MJB because she is the only reason why people even remembered he performed. I still don't get the hype must be because he's lightskinned..

B.O.B performed with Bruno Mars and Haley Williams. They were actually quite good and Haley can really sing and Bruno can as well but he looked like Jimmy Nuetron with that hair (LOL)

Usher performed and as usual he dances the same way he always has so there was no surprise there. Shocking he had to get a divorce in order to perform at the VMA's again. By the end of his performance was it me or did he look more tired then usual??? Getting old Ursher

Kanye came out at the end with his new song and confussing performance. I liked the song but still not a Kanye fan. There was a chant at the end of Kanye.. So a year later Taylor has had her public moment to deal with the maddness last year and Kanye's name is chantted by fans at the end of the song. So Now I guess we can all move on now. (Never under estimate the power of country music fans)

Lady GaGa never disappoints with taking home video of the year with "Bad Romance" when she was nominated in the same category 3 times and twice with Beyonce (Telephone, Video Phone). Cher was on hand to give out the award in true Cher fashion wear her big hair and barely there outfit 63 and still doing it.

Beyonce was nominated Multi times and won nothing I guess it's based on "Video Phone" being the worst video ever made but ok they needed a space filler.

Justin Bieber won best new artist People I still don't get it but again ok.

Minaj and Drake were nominated a few times as well and came up with nothing. I guess yall know what that means they will clean up at the Soul Train Awards..

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