Friday, November 25, 2011

The Chadwick Journals, Episode 3: The Truth Doesn't Matter

Get into epi 3 of this great web series from the creators of the DL Chronicles "The Chadwick Journals"

Thursday, November 24, 2011

3LWTV's "Pillow Talk" - Sexy Hunk Stanley Etoty - FULL EPISODE

Pillow talk is back for another installment and host 3LWTV is bringing the heat with the first episode with chocolate hunk Stanley Etoty so get into this episode of Pillow Talk and Also check out next month issue of Men's Fitness December 2011.

The Chadwick Journals, Episode 2: Mr. Johnson

Check out episode 2 of this great mini web series brought to you by the creators of the DL Chronicles which will be coming back in 2012 get into the "The Chadwick Journals".

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Chadwick Journals, Episode Donovan

Here is the Prelude to the DL Chronicles which will be coming back for Season 2 after a 3 yr hiatus next year. The good folks over at the DL Chronicles wanted to wet our tongues a little bit while we wait for the start of Season 2 and has developed a 4 part prelude entitled "The Chadwick Journals" get into episode 1 "Donovan".

The first of four installments of The Chadwick Journals. Chadwick interviews the mysterious and inappropriate Donovan for the first time. Help bring the DL Chronicles back in 2012! Be a backer at and "like" us on Facebook at

Anacostia Web Series Season 3 Premiere: Ep 1 Where Do We Go From Here

The highly anticipated Season 3 premier of Anacostia the web season made its debut a few hrs ago and baby i cant wait for the remaining episode of what will be another great season of drama and mayhem in the neighborhood of Anacostia. Get into the 30 min season premier. Also if you new to the show you can catch season 1 & 2 of this great series at and season anacostia or log on to

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hip Hop Legend Heavy D Dead at 44

Hip Hop great Heavy D has died earlier this afternoon in an LA Hospital of unknown causes at the moment this is a very sad day in hip hop. Heavy D just performed in London at the Michael Jackson Tribute Concert where he performed with Latoya Jackson. Heavy D dead at 44.... Gone to Soon.

My 2 favorite video of all time by Heavy D-Mr Big Stuff and Now That We Found Love ft. Aaron Hall

Now That We Found Love ft. Aaron Hall

Help Bring Back DL Chronicles in 2012---We Need Your Help

You guys know I love the series DL Chronicles and have talked about this show on this site for years and after a 3 year hiatus it is finally coming back next year but it needs your help to make it a definite reality. Below is the link for you to donate to the kickstarter fund to bring the series back.

Help fund the independent return of the The DL Chronicles! Become an official backer today.  

Here is a Clip from the Boo episode to refresh your memory about the show

Here is a video from the creators of the series Deondray Gossett and Quincy LeNear giving you more information on the kickstarter campaign.

Jury Finds Dr. Conrad Murray Guilty of Involuntary Manslaughter in the Death of Michael Jackson

Michael Joseph Jackson who we lost 2 years and 4 months ago on June 25, 2009 was finally able to rest peacefully after the verdict came down yesterday at 1:15pm California time that the Jury found Dr. Conrad Murray Guilty of Involuntary Manslaughter in the Death of Michael Jackson. sadly the punishment for the guilty verdict will only be up too 4 years,but at least justice has prevailed.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

From the Creators of The DL Chronicles a NEW Web Series, The Chadwick Journals

The creators of The DL Chronicles is bringing to you a provocative new prequel to The DL Chronicles starring, Damian Toofeek Raven! The Chadwick Journals is a four part web mini-series which centers on The DL Chronicle's narrator, Chadwick Williams, in the beggining of his research into men who lead double lives. Fueled by a hidden painful past, Chadwick interviews various men who have answered his classified ads and takes us on a deeper journey into the DL, as he tries to right his past.

The series will premiere at The DL Chronicles Facebook Page at in November.

The DL Chronicles RETURNS in 2010 with all new episodes. Stay tuned!

DRAMA QUEENZ - Ep. 302 - "Don't Tell Mama"

Get into episode 2 of Season 3 of the hilarious web series from the boys of Drama Queenz

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Anacostia Web Series Season 3 returns 11.11.11

Anacostia follows the lives of the residents of ANACOSTIA, a small residential community in Washington D.C. as they navigate through love, betrayal, deception, sex and murder.

My guilty pleasure for the last 3 years is finally returning and this season looks good so get into the teaser below and watch season 3 starting on November 11, 2011. So i have been given so details on the upcoming season. So here goes, some of the neighbors have been slapped, beat down, threatened, given their life to Christ, a health scare ......all in just the first 4 episodes. Also ANACOSTIA SEASON 3 EPISODE 1 is the titled "WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE."

To watch seasons 1 & 2 of this award winning season log on to