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Due to alot of personal stuff currently goin on in my life this site will be down for the next few weeks as i gather my thoughts and get myself together.

I started this blog back on September of 2005 after meeting one of the orginial bloggers of the old school era Mr. Frank Roberts at an HIV/AIDS Black Gay Men's Summitt in Brooklyn in August of 2005. Like most blog i dont really dilvuledge my life's lessons to the world since i find it that nothing exciting really happens in my life. So i used this site as more of an entertainment site and also talk about other gay related issues here and there and whateva else is goin on in the world. I have been very addicted to blogging these last 3 years and its time for me to take a step back for a while and get me together and come back stronger and better. So until i return be good and thanks to the countless readers and people who have stopped by thru this journey.

I was first known to the world as Lauderdaleboi1500 and have been featured on countless sites. and then i made a boo boo and some how the site got deleted on my own accord on accident. then i was just andreallen. and now AndresFlava.

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For Immediate Release

November 20, 2008

Daryl Wilson Promotions Bringing The Heat in 2009

It was a rough and trying year for the nation as well as Daryl Wilson Promotions with that said there has been a major overhaul and restructuring of the promotional company that has brought the Washington DC area some of the biggest parties they have ever seen.

For over Ten years Daryl Wilson Promotions© has been providing quality events for the Black gay community here in the nations capital. Daryl has transform the way the popular club setting should be by adding top notch celebrity performers at his events, such names as Patti Labelle, Jennifer Holliday, Amerie, Lil Mo, Mr. Cheeks, Doug E Fresh, Letoya, Remy Ma, and appearances by Darrin Henson, Tyson Beckford, Eva Pigford, Rockmond Dunbar and most recently Oscar Winner Jennifer Hudson to name a few. Daryl's events have attracted patrons well into the thousands, and with so many changes now taking place in the nations capitol Daryl still finds himself continuing to set high standards by providing quality events for the DC's gay community.

Daryl Wilson Promotions will continue that tradition this January 2009 as HISTORY will be made Martin Luther King Weekend/Presidential Inauguration Weekend Jan 16-20 as we combine forces with Krave Entertainment/Brothers United to host the biggest party weekend to ever hit DC area as over a million people are expected to come to the area for the historic swearing-in of the 44th President of the United States Barack Obama.

We are currently putting the finishing touching on the extremely heavy star studded weekend as Daryl Wilson Promotions can only do it BIG in 2009! Also stay tuned as we join forces with DC Black Pride to bring back the flava Memorial Day Weekend May 22-26 2009 details on Memorial Weekend will be announced in Mid February.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Calif. Supreme Court to take up gay marriage ban

SAN FRANCISCO – California's highest court agreed Wednesday to hear several legal challenges to the state's new ban on same-sex marriage but refused to allow gay couples to resume marrying before it rules.

The California Supreme Court accepted three lawsuits seeking to nullify Proposition 8, a voter-approved constitutional amendment that overruled the court's decision in May that legalized gay marriage.

All three cases claim the measure abridges the civil rights of a vulnerable minority group. They argue that voters alone did not have the authority to enact such a significant constitutional change.

As is its custom when it takes up cases, the court did not elaborate on its decision.

Along with the gay rights groups and local governments petitioning to overturn the ban, the measure's sponsors and Attorney General Jerry Brown had urged the Supreme Court to consider whether Proposition 8 passes legal muster.

The court directed Brown and lawyers for the Yes on 8 campaign to submit their arguments for why the ballot initiative should not be nullified by Dec. 19. It said lawyers for the plaintiffs, who include same-sex couples who did not wed before the election, must respond before Jan. 5. Oral arguments could be scheduled as early as March, according to court spokeswoman Lynn Holton.

Both opponents and supporters of Proposition 8 expressed confidence Wednesday that their arguments would prevail.

But they also agreed that the cases present the court's seven justices — six of whom voted to review the challenges — with complex questions that have few precedents in state case law.


The Washington Blade is reporting that President Elect Obama has included seven openly SGL individuals on his transition team to review federal departments and agencies. Three of the seven served in high level positions during the Clinton administration. They are businessman Fred P. Hochberg, former San Francisco Supervisor Roberta Achtenberg, and labor attorney Elaine Kaplan.“The Agency Review Teams for the Obama-Biden Transition will complete a thorough review of key departments, agencies and commissions of the United States government as well as the White House,” a statement posted Monday on the transition team web site states.Meanwhile, reports from Washington indicate that Obama is still considering appointing his highest-ranking gay campaign official, deputy campaign manager Steve Hildebrand, as successor to Democratic National Committee Chair Howard Dean. Dean announced last week that he would not seek another term as chair.

ANTM Cycle 11 Contestant Isis King on Tyra Banks Show

Isis King (born Darrell Walls, 1985) is an American fashion model and contestant on the eleventh cycle of the TV series America's Next Top Model.She is the first transwoman to compete on the show and has become one of the most visible transgender people on television. King is originally from Prince George's County, Maryland and currently resides in New York City. King was born physically male, but has stated that "mentally [and] everything else [she] was born female."She has stated that people might refer to her as transgender or transsexual but she prefers the phrase "born in the wrong body."

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Pt 2

Pt 3

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Pt 5

Pt 6

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Monday, November 17, 2008

In The News

Pro 8 Protest in DC this past saturday. Thanks 2 Justin B Smith 4 the video

Wanda Sykes Comes out Officially as a Lesbian

Kudos to Ms. Wanda Sykes for officially coming out hopefully this will open the doors for other "Suspect" LGBT African American celebrities.

"Mike" From LOGO's "Shirts & Skins joins ABA

Thanks Rod 2.0 for the info

Mike Survillon, the abtastic narrator and one of the co-stars of Logo’s gay-basketball reality series Shirts & Skins, will reportedly play professional basketball. Outsports reports the newly-out player "received an offer from the ABA’s San Francisco Rumble",which played the gay amateur Rock Dogs team in the first episode of the series.

Survillon becomes "the second openly gay male professional basketball player" in the United States. The first was Survillion’s Rock Dogs teammate, DeMarco Majors, who played on "the ABA’s Hawaii team even while he was training for the Gay Games" where he won gold. Clik magazine profiled Demarco's ABA career.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

ShawnQT Puts a Ring on it

New York Blogger and friend ShawnQT is back with his dance series and this time he is dancing to Beyonce's new single" Single Ladies" get into the video and subscribe to his youtube channel and visit his blog

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Introducing Taj-Moor's Lip-Sync Chronicles



Check out my good buddy and long time associate Mr Taj-Moor as he has put together a series as he Lip Sync's to some of the hottest songs. So subscribe to his channel and show the brother some love.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


The Rose Experience, will be in stores Feb. 10, 2009.

Check out his new video below "Lovely"

Get your urban news at DimeWars.Com

Walk 4 Me Wednesdays

Does sex sale??. especially at point 2:57-3:10

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Transgendered beaten by Memphis Police found dead

A transsexual who filed a lawsuit against the Memphis police after a February beating at the hands of an officer, was found shot to death in North Memphis late Sunday.

Duanna Johnson, 43, was shot in the head and died at the scene. In June, she offered to settle the lawsuit against the city of Memphis and the Memphis Police Department, but the parties could not reach an agreement.

According to online reports, one of Johnson’s attorney’s say the lawsuit will continue as planned.
Johnson was beaten in February in the booking area at 201 Poplar after an arrest on a prostitution charge.

Memphis police officers Bridges McRae and James Swain were fired after the incident, which became public when Johnson’s attorneys released a video of the beating to local media.
The video went viral and the story received national attention.
A loyal reader who hosts a radio show in Memphis, emailed this morning to say he received a voicemail message from a witness at the scene who stated Johnson was murdered by Memphis police — not three men as had been reported.

He plans to play the message on his radio show later today in Memphis.
Stay tuned for further developments.

Source: KT Alpha Lambda Kappa Alpha Psi, Memphis,TN

Below is video video of the incident

Monday, November 10, 2008

Noir Reflections Weekend

This past weekend i got an opportunity to expierence a great weekend of bonding with fellow black gay men in the mountains of western maryland in Deep Creek, Maryland which is 3.5 hrs away from the city limits of Washington DC.

The Weekend retreat was a free retreat sponsored my Us Helping Us a local HIV/AIDS agency here in the Washington DC area. The purpose of the retreat is to raise awarness in the black gay on various issues affeecting the community wit the empasis on HIV/AIDS but also other important issues we as black gay men go thru on a daily basis.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Presidential Inauguration Ticket Process

The Joint Congressional Inaugural Committee Thursday announced procedures for obtaining tickets to the inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama on Jan. 20, 2009.

The committee said all tickets would be provided free of charge and distributed through members of Congress.

If you want tickets for the swearing-in ceremony, officials say they are free, but you have to call your congressman or senator in order to get one, and the calls are already coming in.
The committee that plans the inaugural ceremonies says don't buy the tickets websites are trying to sell, because they don't even exist yet.

If you just want to stand along Pennsylvania Avenue on the day of the parade, spots are free between the White House and the Capitol—but you'll need to get there early to get a spot.
Tickets will not be distributed until one week before the inauguration and must be picked up in person.

The committee said that no tickets are commercially available, and people should be highly skeptical of anybody claiming to have them for sale.

“Any Web site or ticket broker claiming that they have inaugural tickets is simply not telling the truth,” said Howard Gantman, staff director for the congressional inaugural committee, which is chaired by Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif.

“Tickets for the swearing-in of the president-elect are all provided through members of Congress and the president-elect and vice-president-elect through the Presidential Inaugural Committee. We urge the public to view any offers of tickets for sale with great skepticism.”

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Barack Obama Rally in Chicago-11/4/08

You know i cant help but have chills every time i hear president-elect Barack Obama acceptance sppech last night was just beyond amazing to see the first family. We have all lived to witness history. I wish i was in Grant Park with the Obama Rally. But media blogger & friend Lonnell Williams did get that one in a lifetime opportunity when looking back in history can say he was there when a black man became president of the United States of America. Get into his video below and check out for pictorial review as well.

Florida Turns Blue- Sights and Sounds from Miami

Sit back and take a breath...a historic moment in the making....the world is definitely watching....America transpires to it's Greatest....

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


At 11:00pm CNN projected that Barack Obama is the president-elect of the United States of America. Democrat Barack Obama wins the 2008 presidential election over John McCain, CNN projects, setting him up to become the first African-American to hold the nation's highest office. Barack Obama will be the 44th president of the United States of America and be sworn in on Jan 20, 2009 here in Washington DC.

This has been a very emotional and historic night on all front for me as a black gay man. Yes Barack Obama is gay-friendly and loves the gays as he included us in his president-elect speech from Chicago,Illinois but he is the first bi-racial man to take over as the president of this our great nation and i am glad to be living here in dc where i will be able to witness history on Jan 20, 2009 at 12 noon as he is sworn into office on the steps of the US Capitol as our 44th president.

I voted absentee ballot last week since i am still regestered to vote in Florida and as a news junkie even though i am not physically in Florida anymore i was still able to familarize myself with the various majors on the ballot and with the knowledge i did my civic duty as an american to vote and make my voice heard.


Below at 12:00am on Wednesday November 5, 2008 Barack Obama address the Obama Party in Chicago below is his acceptance speech.


As we watch and wait for history to be made later today as we elect Barack Obama our next president of the United States of America. I wanted to give you a treat early for making a change and for stepping up to the plate and making a CHANGE! So with that said i present for your enjoyment. The New I AM SASHA FIERCE Album by Ms. Beyonce Knowles which comes out NOV 18 2008! So to all by Beyonce Stans! this ones for you. Check back later tonite as we will have comprehensive coverage of Election 2008!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Introducing Love & Rock Clothing Line

Founder D Hayes
D.Hayes, 29 founder / designer / president, Love&ROCK - Wearable Art

Teacher turned Designer Donald Hayes...

It's not a T-shirt its a Movement

ED Hardy, Von Dutch, and Donald Hayes? The last name may not sound familiar just yet, but Hayes the creator and designer of "Love and ROCK" will definitely be on everyone's hot list, of must haves this year. Hayes offers exclusive yet affordable T-shirts and original handbags ranging from $25 to $75.00.

Love & ROCK established in 2007, is an upscale fashion T-shirt line inspired by the influence of Hip Hop and Rock. "L&R is a combination of what loves means to me and my take on rock it's the marriage of the two." Hayes has created a contemporary T-shirt line that has the look and feel of vintage inspired designs. These designs grew from his dislike of "generic" trendy t-shirts. " I recognize trends but I'm not playing into them I concentrate on what I like so that my shirts are timeless pieces".

Each design has a signature mark of an art pen. " The art pen symbolizes me spilling graphics onto an empty canvas my shirts are a work of art." Many of the L&R designs are hand painted making each shirt original and more exclusive. L&R is a brand for all people. There are no limitations of its appeal to today's urban melting pot. " My designs have the ability to be dressed up or down depending on the look your going for, I want the people who wear my clothes to make their own assumptions of what I mean, that is the true essence of creativity".

Love & ROCK is a fashion line inspired by the influence of Love, Hip Hop and Rock. Love & ROCK captures the soul and essence ROCK and HIP-HOP into each thread. L&R exudes an edgy and trend-setting look that sets its unique style apart from other contenders.

Tron from sporting L&R.
L&R has touches of detailed art spread upon fitted hats, T-shirts, jeans and handbags. IT HAS ALL BECOME A CANVAS FOR THE BIRTH OF L&R. I invite you to come along to experience, what the world has been waiting for. I present to you, a living work of art. A piece of me that will become a piece of you....Love & ROCK.


All of my original artwork is printed on high quality brand ring spun cotton tees for both women and men. All Tees our pre-shrunk AND offer a flattering, stylish fit on virtually any body type. To assure this type of quality the two major brands that we use in production is American Apparel and other comparable high quality brands.

Love & ROCK is an environment friendly clothing line, so we will also be offering our customers an 100% ORGANIC fabric (NATURAL & GOOD FOR THE PLANET) alternative that is pesticide and chemical free.

We believe in being Unique and marching to our own drum...ORIGINAL ARTWORK & 1000 PIECE LIMITED PRODUCTION.

Only 1,000 pieces or less will be produced and numbered in each style, making each style a limited edition item. Every person is unique, and every person deserves unique clothing, which is why the artwork is exclusive to Love & ROCK. The distinctive nature of the design strives to capture a specific mood with its intricate, yet understated attention to detail.

D.HAYES has incorporated his unique style with the use of rhinestones, CLOSE ATTENTION TO THE LITTLEST DETAILS, studs, fitted silhouette and foil integrated with feminine & male characters, the pieces reflect his creativity as an artist, free spirit and his love for music.

This is only the beginning!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Def Jam Exec VP Shakir Stewart Commits Suicide

According to

Def Jam executive vice president Shakir Stewart committed suicide today (Nov. 1) in New York, according to sources. No other details were available at deadline.

Stewart succeeded Jay-Z at the top of the Def Jam ladder in June and also retained his duties as senior VP of A&R at Island Def Jam.Stewart first joined Def Jam in 2004,The Oakland, Calif., native signed such artists as Rick Ross, Young Jeezy and newcomer Karina Pasian.

Stewart cut his teeth as a music executive at Hitco Music Publishing, where he was creative director and later senior VP of creative/GM and signed Beyonce Knowles.

Even before he gained a rep for promoting rap concerts during his Morehouse College days, Stewart was "the guy who was the head of passing out fliers at seven clubs a night, seven days a week in 20-degree weather," he told Billboard this summer.

Stewart said at the time it was his goal to help develop "new, young executives ... The hot executive who's 21, 22 years old and has a serious passion for music and the desire to work 27 hours a day. That's where I was at that time in my life. And that's who I'm looking to mentor. I don't see many people like that. Instead, I see a lot of kids who want to live the lifestyle but don't want to put in the work and do what it takes."

Updated Sunday Nov 2 2008 7:48am has learned:

While details are being confirmed, sources stated that Shakir died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, and his body was found earlier today, in his apartment.

"L.A. Reid and all of us at Island Def Jam Music Group are deeply saddened by the passing of our dear friend and colleague Shakir Stewart," Def Jam told in a statement. "Shakir was an amazing man, in every sense of the word. A truly incredible friend and father who was an inspiration to not only our artists and employees, but to his family and the many people who had the privilege of counting him as a friend. Our hearts and prayers go out to his family at this very difficult time."

Weekend Comedy Relief

The Gay Man's "bag"

Body: Whether str8 acting, or flamboyant it's a way of life to carry some form of a "Bag" with you at all times as a gay man on the go. This can be in the form of a book bag, man purse, or woman's purse...Inside you're sure to find:

1. One baggie of Trojan condoms that were given out free at the clinic, or club.
(Durex are usually too small, or maybe that's just me)

One moderately sized bottle of "wet" lubricant

chap stick, or lip balm

4. (for my trade nikkas and bout it ass punks) a dime bag of weed accompanied by a lighter, and atleast ONE swisher, cigarillo, dutch, or zig zags.
{grinder and blunt splitter may be found on keychain}

5. (for the pretty boys and possible drag queens) you may stumble upon MAC foundation and eyeliner. (if nothing else they gotta make sure that haircut looks brand new with drawn in edges and unrealistically sharp eyebrows).

6. (For the stunt queens) you may find a bottle of mase, pepper spray, some form of a blade, and atleast two major credit cards that are NOT theirs.

7. Communication is everything. dont be surprised if you find a treo, blackberry, G1, sidekick, iPhone, or some other phone with internet capabilities so that they can browse the hell outta BGC or A4A! maybe even call the PL if they not feeling the net.

8. (for the overnight punks and "househoppers") be on the lookout for toothbrush, toothpaste, change of underwear, and a durag/scarf/stocking cap to tie down dreads, braids, or keep tight waves in a brush cut.

-i could only come up with 8. if anyone has anymore, feel free to add them. much appreciate it.

Thanks to October model"Dexter Blunt" 4 the list

Old School Flava

1st of the Month-Bone Thugs N Harmony