Sunday, February 22, 2009

Can Morehouse tolerate Gays on Campus???

-From the Desk of King D

Preface: Andre requested I read an article entitled, “When does gay tolerance go too far?” by Gerren Gaynor, that appeared in the student newspaper at Morehouse College and provide my thoughts. You can read the full article and my response below.
A dialogue between heterosexual and homosexual males about gay tolerance at Atlanta’s historically black “all male” college is just what the doctor ordered. Gays at this historically black college is just like oil-and-vinegar, they really just don’t seem to mix well. But this goes deeper than just the moral, religious, and philosophical implications of Morehouse openly accepting “gays” on their campus. It really has more to do with us “African Americans” or “Black” as a people. Gays have always been shunned by the black family, the black church, historically black fraternities, and consequently our historically black colleges and universities. It seems it is damn near impossible for us as a people to have this very important conversation. Even though many other ethnic groups seems to have addressed this issue or at least are a little bit further along in the conversation, than we are. This conversation would do a lot to help us in many ways, with dealing with homophobic crimes and attitudes, to dealing with rising HIV rates among our African American sisters who may or may not have dealt with a DL brother, and rising HIV rates among our youth. It is imperative to have this conversation to tackle several issues linked to gay tolerance directly and indirectly.

I am so sorry the “boys” of Morehouse can’t seem to get it together to accept others as they are. I guess they have yet to pass “Manhood 101” to graduate to the level of a “man”. If a man walking by with a pocket book will make you blush, there may be something wrong with you, not them. It has more to do with you not reaching that point in your life when you are comfortable with your sexuality, knowing who you are, and what you are about. For instance, as a gay black man, I don’t understand my feminine counterparts, transexuals, and the completely closeted DL guy, but I respect them. I might not understand, but I don’t put them down, I try to learn from them what I can when I do come in contact with them, and furthermore I always try to keep an open mind when dealing with them. A lot of times as a man, you might not understand the fact, but you at least respect it, even when there may be difference that you don’t particularly like. That is it the whole idea of manhood and making that leap into being a man. I hope at Morehouse they are in the business of not just educating our black males, but making them into men as well.

I am really glad Gerren wrote this article and that it appeared at the most appropriate place; a historically black campus of an all male school. How fitting?!! Even though I kind of get where Gerren is coming from but this is just the first part of many conversations that we as a black community need to have.

*And Gerren, your article does imply that having gays at Morehouse does damage the image of Morehouse. I won’t even touch that issue at this point.*

The Drama Of It All- Rihanna and Chris Brown Blowout

-From the Desk of King D in Miami
YES, we all have heard about the notorius fight between Rihanna and Chris Brown. And we all have seen the infamous Rihanna photo obtained by TMZ. The whole situation is truely a mess. It appears some in and out of the entertainment community are bent on keeping this very private matter in the public eye. And some would say trying to destroy Chris Brown's young career. We all must admit he made a very bad decision and poor choice; who hasn't. We all have been young and dumb and have not made the best choices in high emotion situations. I would say at this point, let these young lovers work out their differences in private, and give them the support they need in public, to make better decisions in the future.

Winter Party 2009-Kicks Off this Week in Miami

-From the Desk of King D in Miami
One of the gay community's biggest circuit party kicks off this week in Miami, with most of the events happening in South Beach. If you got a few dollars to blow from your tax refund, this might be a weekend to make a last minute trip to South Florida. The Winter Party runs from February 25 thru March 2.
*Photo Courtesy of MRNV

The Vault- Review of Miami's New Hot Spot

-From the Desk of King D in Miami

Ladies and especially the gentlemen, Miami definitely has a new hotspot worth making a trip to Downtown Miami. A few years ago, Sugars was the spot to go for the grown and sexy, but that very popular bar has been since closed in North Miami Beach. Many clubs have tried to fill that void on Friday nights and it appears Vault may have done the trick.

Vault was definitely worth the short walk from my downtown apartment. I was pleasantly surprised by the decor which was very upscale, hardwood floors and various seating areas. DJ Surreal would defintiely give Club Boi's DJ Galvin T a run for his money. The music was on point and the men were too. The drinks were very reasonable, for instance $7 Blue Ice Teas (I had three). I know I am lush. The Vault boosts its two level venue and lives up to the hype. If you are tired of Club Boi or Twist on Fridays, make a trip to downtown Miami and pay a visit to Vault. Only time will tell ,when Vault will open its door on Saturdays and draw the over 21yo crowd from Boi. For right now, we have to live it up on Friday's with Vault.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

the Vault - Adds Another Club to the Miami Scene

From the Desk of King D in Miami

Yes, maam! This is ya boi King D in Miami. I must apologize for my absence from the blog. As you know with the economy, a new Black president, and the everyday "goings-on" in Miami, things have been beyond hectic in South Florida. And it appears it's not going to be calm anytime soon with Sizzle in a couple of months; the Winter Party next week; Miami Fashion Week early in March; Spring Breakers arriving to the city every week by the plane loads and the must-do event of the year, the Winter Music Conference 2009. I am ready to enjoy the rest of the Winter and Spring here in Miami. They don't call us the Magic City for nothing. And I will definitely keep you up to speed on all the haps in Miami and South Florida.

And it appears we have a newcomer to the scene. The Vault- Miami's newest club for the alternative lifestyle has "sprung" up in Downtown Miami. Deja Vu, right? Didnt we have another club- rise and fall - in Downtown Miami? You guys do remember Dwight Powell's crash and burn club experiment, Club Sprung. Time will tell, if the Vault will be able to survive not only the battered economy, but also Miami's extremely competitive club scene. Maybe, if the Vault does extremely well, it can dethrone Club Boi, as the premier party spot before Memorial Day weekend kicks off. Kind of risky though to open a club in these turbulent times. But only the strong survive right?

I will have my official review of the club over the weekend. You know they can't get my seal of approval until I been there and see what the fuss is about.

Fridays, you can check out the Vault at located at 145 N. Miami Ave in Downtown Miami. Free before 12am, $10 after. (Kudos, you guys are cheaper than Club Boi, you already have some Brownie points from me!)

Monday, February 9, 2009

51st Annual Grammy Awards Recap

The 51st Annual Grammy awards took place last night with alot of drama and excitement and as most of you know the big news from the evening was the arrest of R&B singer Chris Brown who was booked on assault on an "unidentified woman" we all know who the woman in question is. so below are some of my highlights from the night.

Jennifer Hudson performs "You Pulled Me Through"

Whitney Houston present Jennifer Hudson with BEST R&B Album

T.I. and Justin Timberlake performs "Dead & Gone"

M.I.A (Still Pregnant) , T.I., Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, & Kanye West Perform "Swagga Like Us" At The 51st Annual Grammy Awards

Arrest record on Chris Brown for assaulting Rihanna before the Grammys

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Whitney Performs @ Clive Davis Pre Grammy Party

Ms. Whitney Houston performs LIVE last night at Clive Davis Pre Grammy party in LA last night. And dont forget that she hits the stage tomorrow on BET at the 2009 BET Honors as a surprise guest that had the entire audience at their feet.

Grammy Nomination R&B Predictions

The Grammy Awards have always been one of my Favorite Award shows. Even though they have yet to reward so great talents as of yet, I still love watching them. So since the show is this coming Sunday on CBS I decided to do my Predictions in the R&B Field…you know, the one that hardly ever gets televised…since it’s a so called “ethnic” Category…here are my list of who WILL (X) and who SHOULD (Y) win….

Best Female R&B Vocal Performance
Me, Myself And I
Track from: The Beyonce Experience Live Audio
[Columbia/Music World Music]

Heaven Sent
Keyshia Cole
Track from: Just Like You

X - Spotlight
Jennifer Hudson

Y - Superwoman
Alicia Keys
Track from: As I Am
[J Records]

Need U Bad
Jazmine Sullivan
[J Records]

Jennifer Hudson will win this Category on the sheer strength of the fact that the recording academy loves two things “Sympathetic Votes” and “Over Due” votes and in this case it will be the “sympathetic vote” that wins Jennifer the award. Alicia Keys was sabotaged by her own record company because her stronger song Teenage Love Affair should’ve gotten the Nomination instead of the weaker Superwoman

Best Male R&B Vocal Performance
You're The Only One
Eric Benét
Track from: Love & Life

Take You Down
Chris Brown
Track from: Exclusive

X - Miss Independent
Track from: Year Of The Gentleman
[Def Jam/Compound]

Can't Help But Wait
Trey Songz
Track from: Trey Day

Y - Here I Stand
Track from: Here I Stand

The Peeping-Tom of R&B will win this Category over the more deserved Usher track simply because Ne-Yo has momentum going into the show, but make no mistake about it, Usher gives a better Vocal Performance. Chris Brown is too young, Trey Songz isn’t that popular and Eric Benet is well…..The oldest person in the category.

Best R&B Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals
Ribbon In The Sky
Boyz II Men
Track from: Motown: A Journey Through Hitsville USA
[Decca Records]

Anthony David Featuring India.Arie
Track from: Acey Duecy
[Soulbird/ Universal Republic Records]

Y - Stay With Me (By The Sea)
Al Green Featuring John Legend
Track from: Lay It Down
[Blue Note Records]

X - I'm His Only Woman
Jennifer Hudson Featuring Fantasia
Track from: Jennifer Hudson
[Arista Records]

Never Give You Up
Raphael Saadiq Featuring Stevie Wonder & CJ Hilton
Track from: The Way I See It
[Columbia Records]

Once again Jennifer Hudson could prevail here…I wouldn’t count out Al Green though because he is a Grammy veteran and he has the edge of Grammy golden boy John Legend along side of this one may be close but this is a way to finally recognize Fantasia as well as the influence of American Idol so that may tip the votes.

Best Traditional R&B Vocal Performance
A Change Is Gonna Come
Wayne Brady
Track from: A Long Time Coming
[Peak Records]

X - You've Got The Love I Need
Al Green Featuring Anthony Hamilton
Track from: Lay It Down
[Blue Note Records]

Baby I Know
(Linda Jones) With Helen Bruner & Terry Jones
Track from: Soul Talkin
[Philerzy Productions]

Love That Girl
Raphael Saadiq
Track from: The Way I See It
[Columbia Records]

Y - In Love With Another Man
Jazmine Sullivan
Track from: Fearless
[J Records]

If Al Green looses in the other Category , he is sure to win this one. However in a category where most of the nominees have never been heard of before and Wayne Brady is well kinda a joke to some, Jazmine Sullivan could pull off a win here.

Best Urban/Alternative Performance
Say Goodbye To Love
Track from: Make Sure They See My Face
[Star Trak/Interscope]

Wanna Be
Track from: This Much Is True:
[Eusonia Records]

XY - Be OK
Chrisette Michele Featuring
Track from: I Am
[Def Jam]

Many Moons
Janelle Monae
Track from: Metropolis: The Chase Suite (Special Edition)
[Wondaland/Bad Boy]

Lovin You (Music)
Wayna Featuring Kokayi
Track from: Higher Ground
[Quiet Power Productions, LLC]

This is the most handicapped race of the night….do any of you recognize any names aside from that of Chrisette Michele and Will.I.Am???! this is a done deal and a way to recognize Chrisette and keep her somewhat viable after the record company completely lost interest in promoting her CD.

Best R&B Song
Bust Your Windows
Salaam Remi & Jazmine Sullivan, songwriters (Deandre Way, songwriter) (Jazmine Sullivan)
Track from: Fearless
[J Records; Publishers: Nappy Puddy Music/Universal Music-Z Tunes, Salaam Remi Music/EMI April Music, Soulja Boy Tellem Music/Croomstacular Music]

I. Barias, Raheem DeVaughn, C. Haggins, K. Oliver & Johnnie Smith, songwriters (Raheem DeVaughn)
Track from: Love Behind The Melody
[Jive; Publishers: Universal Music-Z Tunes/Ahmad's World/Universal Music/Nivrac Tyke Music/Fresh Paint Music/HC 1030 Publishing/Universal Music/Tetragrammaton Music/Melodic Piano Productions/HC 1030 Publishing]

Heaven Sent
Keyshia Cole, Jason Farmer & Alex Francis, songwriters (Keyshia Cole)
Track from: Just Like You
[Geffen/Confidential; Publishers: She Wrote It/BMG Songs, J Vibe Publishing/Ultra Tunes, Lex Project Publishing]

Y - Miss Independent
Mikkel S. Eriksen, T.E. Hermansen & S. Smith, songwriters (Ne-Yo)
Track from: Year Of The Gentleman
[Def Jam/Compound; Publishers: Pen In The Ground Publishing, Universal Music-Z Tunes]

X - Spotlight
Mikkel S. Eriksen, Tor Erik Hermansen & Shaffer Smith, songwriters (Jennifer Hudson)
[Arista Records; Publishers: Super Sayin' Publishing/Universal Music-Z Songs, Sony/ATV Tunes, EMI Music Publishing]

Either way this is a win for Ne-Yo but I think the story of the night is going to be about Jennifer Hudson so I give her track the edge.

Best R&B Album
Love & Life
Eric Benét

Motown: A Journey Through Hitsville USA
Boyz II Men
[Decca Records]

Lay It Down
Al Green
[Blue Note]

XY - Jennifer Hudson
Jennifer Hudson
[Arista Records]

The Way I See It
Raphael Saadiq

Once again for some strange reason Alicia Keyes was shut out of this Category…how is that possible when her CD was one of the strongest of the year….this is clearly a win for Jennifer Hudson, until this category was announced not too many people even knew the other CD’s were out aside from hers.

Best Contemporary R&B Album
Growing Pains
Mary J. Blige

Back Of My Lac'
J. Holiday
[Capitol Records]

First Love
[Def Jam]

XY - Year Of The Gentleman
[Def Jam/Compound]

Jazmine Sullivan
[J Records]

The CD is also nominated for Album of The Year which will not win and usually the nominees win their Album Categories elsewhere to make up for the loss. I hope Mary J is on her best behavior cause if not she just may walk up on stage and slap Ne-Yo and take the award from him.


Thursday, February 5, 2009

25 completely random things about me

The Rules: Once you’ve read this you are supposed to comment with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people with whom to share this link. I am sharing this with you because I want to know more about you. This was all started on facebook and has catched on so below i will list 25 random stuff about me that alot people might not know.

1. I was born 2lbs and 2oz at birth.

2. I sleep under a blanket fully clothed no matter the season.

3. Porn does absolutely nothing to stimulate me.

4. I am a freak sexually.

5. I sometimes come off as being the strong person but deep down i am afraid sometimes.

6. I love pasta.

7. My favorite Cartoon person is Winnie the Pooh, i dont know why thou.

8. I have been in 2 serious long term relationships in my lifetime.

9. I am attracted to light-skinned men more than any other shade of color

10. I think i want a tattoo soon but dnt know of what. i am afraid of pain.

11. I am a hopeless romantic.

12. I have been homeless before never on the street but stayed in a shelter for a short spell

13. I love all things LAW & ORDER i can watch it all day

14. Alot of people come to me with their issues.

15. i love facebook and myspace.

16. I miss south florida my home sometimes.

17. I am a big cartoon junkie.

18. I try to eat healthy and not into junk food.

19. I drink hot chocolate like people drink coffee.

20. I love to blog, been blogging since 2005 thanks to Frank Roberts

21. I sometimes wonder where are the black gay leaders, do we still have any?

22. My zodiac sign the Cancer fits me too the point.

23. I would love to have kids soon.

24. I am a news junkie.

25. I use to freelane for the Miami Herald as a High School Sports Writer

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Introducing DRAMA QUEENZ Series

I first heard about this show on my good blogger buddy Adam Irby site and it has been all over the internet since so let me introduce to some and to other get into the new Youtube series called "Drama Queenz" Below are the first 2 episodes of the show. NoVo Vous Productions is the production company for the new comedy webseries "Drama Queenz," a show about three friends dealing with life, love and auditioning in New York City.

Please visit or for more info!

Episode 1

Episode 2

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

CW's The Game Tackles Gays in Sports

Part 1

Part 2

Noah's Arc: Jumping The Broom DVD out Today!

Make sure you pick up your copy of the movie that brought the crew to the big screen. Wade,Noah,Alex,Ricky,Chance and the gang return and above is a small clip from the movie.

Tuesday's News Bites on Andresflava

Eric H. Holder 1st Black US Attorney General Sworn-in

Eric H. Holder Jr. was sworn in today as the country's first black attorney general, beginning a new chapter for a Justice Department that suffered under criticism of improper political influence and approving wiretapping and harsh interrogation practices.
"A new day for this country is potentially at hand," Holder says of the Barack Obama administration. "The distance from a very small house in Queens, New York, to the fifth floor of the Department of Justice is not as far as you might think. And that is the wonder of America."
Holder is the former deputy attorney general in the Clinton Administration and a strong supporter of a hate crimes and employment discrimination legislation for gays. Gay activists have been among his fiercest defenders.

Below is the video from cnn of the historic moment of Eric H. Holder being sworn-in

India Arie is Back with Musiq Soulchild With Chocolate High
Chocolate'>">Chocolate High ft. Musiq Soulchild

Ciara new Video for Never Ever feat Young Jeezy

Senate Dems Remove Provision for HIV Funding from Stimulus Bill

While debating the proposed economic stimulus bill, Senate Democrats removed a provision that would have allocated $400 million to the Centers for Disease Controls for HIV and sexually transmitted infection prevention efforts. Last week the House passed an $819 billion version of the bill, including $335 million to CDC for HIV and STI prevention efforts. House Republicans criticized the inclusion of HIV and STI prevention funding in the stimulus bill, saying it "does nothing to create jobs" and regenerate the economy.

Now for the other side of that argument. The Washington Times' Cheryl Wetzstein has a great column today where she argues addressing HIV and STI prevention is "not just about the work. It's about the workforce." Wetzstein notes federal spending on STI prevention is fairlt "stingy"—last year it was "$1 billion, two-thirds of which targeted HIV/AIDS"—and notes if Congress cares "about reducing national health care costs and keeping workers healthy and productive, stuffing a little [STI] prevention money in the package might be a wise thing to do"