Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tuesday's News Bites on Andresflava

Eric H. Holder 1st Black US Attorney General Sworn-in

Eric H. Holder Jr. was sworn in today as the country's first black attorney general, beginning a new chapter for a Justice Department that suffered under criticism of improper political influence and approving wiretapping and harsh interrogation practices.
"A new day for this country is potentially at hand," Holder says of the Barack Obama administration. "The distance from a very small house in Queens, New York, to the fifth floor of the Department of Justice is not as far as you might think. And that is the wonder of America."
Holder is the former deputy attorney general in the Clinton Administration and a strong supporter of a hate crimes and employment discrimination legislation for gays. Gay activists have been among his fiercest defenders.

Below is the video from cnn of the historic moment of Eric H. Holder being sworn-in

India Arie is Back with Musiq Soulchild With Chocolate High
Chocolate'>http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=51618722">Chocolate High ft. Musiq Soulchild

Ciara new Video for Never Ever feat Young Jeezy

Senate Dems Remove Provision for HIV Funding from Stimulus Bill
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While debating the proposed economic stimulus bill, Senate Democrats removed a provision that would have allocated $400 million to the Centers for Disease Controls for HIV and sexually transmitted infection prevention efforts. Last week the House passed an $819 billion version of the bill, including $335 million to CDC for HIV and STI prevention efforts. House Republicans criticized the inclusion of HIV and STI prevention funding in the stimulus bill, saying it "does nothing to create jobs" and regenerate the economy.

Now for the other side of that argument. The Washington Times' Cheryl Wetzstein has a great column today where she argues addressing HIV and STI prevention is "not just about the work. It's about the workforce." Wetzstein notes federal spending on STI prevention is fairlt "stingy"—last year it was "$1 billion, two-thirds of which targeted HIV/AIDS"—and notes if Congress cares "about reducing national health care costs and keeping workers healthy and productive, stuffing a little [STI] prevention money in the package might be a wise thing to do"

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