Monday, October 29, 2012

Friday, October 26, 2012

Frank Ocean writes another Open Letter to his fans

Frank Ocean pens another last night to world get into the letter in the letter he talks about Life,Love and the Future....

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Realities of the Black, Gay Porn Industry

Some of the same stuff I've been saying for years now

First Look: Oprah's Favorite Things 2012 - Oprah Winfrey Network

It's back let's see how Mother O tops previous years

The DL Chronicles Returns: DLC Episode: Thomas TEASER

After 3 yrs The much anticipated show The DL Chronicles Returns with new episodes. Get into the tease for their new episode Thomas coming soon. Hopefully we don't have wait long for the episode to drop.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mama's Boy: (Episode #3) First Time

Sevyn Streeter - I Like It

After the quiet fizzle of Richgirl, the super girl group whispered to be "the new Destiny's Child", (they even borrowed choreographer Frank Gatson) Sevyn has been behind the scenes crafting songs for R&B stars Brandy ("Slower" from critically acclaimed Two Eleven) and Kelly Rowland (Keep It Between Us).

Finding a place under Chris Brown's CBE wing, Sevyn, recently inked a solo deal with Atlantic Records. The ink is barely dry and already we have "I Like It," a taste of her first official offering from her forthcoming CBE/Atlantic debut.

"I Like It" finds Sevyn assuring her lover that "we go through some things but I can't stop loving you." The single treads typical ride or die chick R&B territory over a breezy mid-tempo beat but Sevyn's voice soars above the simple lyrics. Her playfulness on lyrics like "if you call your man your boo and you like and love him too" is reminiscent of Beyonce.

Do you like it?

India Arie Serenades Brandy at Relaunch Party NYC 10/...

Thursday night I had the opportunity to attend the relaunch party of and on hand were so notables such as Olivia from Love & Hip Hop as well as J- Rome who won ABC's Duets which aired this past spring, but the most notable was a surprise by Ms. India Arie who spoke on how Brandy inspired her and then tribute hr by singing "He is" get into the video...

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Something New and Different- Black Gay Cruise?

From the Desk of King in Miami Follow me on Twitter for the Latest in South Florida Haps..... I know, I know; its been a hot minute since I been on the blog. I took sort of a hiatus to priortize some things including hopefully the Grand Opening of my own club in 2013. Yes, I been a busy beaver! So, a few months ago I decided I needed a break from reality and one of my friends told me about Songmaster "Bi Gay And Lesbian Black Cruise". I was shocked to even find out that this type of cruise even existed. So I looked at their website and decided to book the cruise. And once I told some of my friends I was going, it seems quite a few others were interested in going, too. So a small group of my friends from Orlando and Atlanta, will be joining the many others, in less than 25 days for a 7-day vacation to 4 port-of-calls in the Caribbean. They have several parties including a beach party in St Thomas, a Halloween party aboard the ship and other events. They even bring in their own DJ for the parties and meet and greets. I hear they stil have a few cabins available if you are interested in going. You can get more info at I will post pictures and commentary about the trip, of course, on AndresFlava. I am excited about this trip because it's something different and they have been doing this cruise for over 15 years now. I wish I knew about this before. I am looking forward to this vacation. I got my passport ready and my bags are soon to be packed. LET'S GO!

New Music: Big Boi ft. Kelly Rowland "Mama Told Me"

Feelin this track get into it and let me know if you agree...

New Music from Lil Mo: Wave Ur Flag - Lil' Mo by thelilmoshow

Wave Ur Flag - Lil' Mo by thelilmoshow

Sahara Davenport dies at 27 Rupaul Drag Race Season 2 Contestant

My Condolendoles goes out to the family and friends of Sahara Davenport who passed away yesterday at the age of 27 here in NYC. Born (born Antoine Ashley on December 17, 1984) is an drag queen and reality television personality from season 2 of Rupaul Drag Race Season 2. I didnt know Sahara personally but i did meet him a few times here in NYC and he always performed a great show when i saw him. As of right now the cause of death is unknown.

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Kevyn M Show presents: A Mother's Love

Get into this touching story...

Andresflava Celebrates 7 yrs Blogging

The other day someone told me they looked up to me for my activism in the community and everytime i hear that I cringe because I try not to be "role model" nor do i believe I am.  I have been doin this now since 2005 and it never gets old to me, the way people choose to live their lives in this community. I am always the neutral person  who doesnt take sides, i guess that why folks come to me. Just earlier this more someone said i was a "celebrity" nope not I, dnt want that title. Just happen to be at the right place at the right time networking and meeting folks. I dont want the fame that some on these youtubers/bloggers seek. I just put out good vibes and energy and keep it moving. I support various events and bring my butt back home at the end of the day. Thank you all for following me these last  7 yrs I am truly humble and grateful to provide the information needed so you are aware of whats goin on in the world. I dnt do it for the money I do it for the people and I truly love doing this for all of you guys. I will do my best to keep you entertained and informed as best I know how too. Thank you for all the love, emails, hugs,pics, as alot of you know whos met him i am a cool down to earth guy, thats just me every day.  Be blessed and happy Monday to everyone. Also on a sad note want all you guys to keep Frank Roberts in your thoughts and prayers as alot of you know I have always credited Frank blog back in the day to giving me the courage to want to start to blog among the other other early bloggers, but Frank was attacked here in New York City last week by 3 men who robbed him of his Iphone and their have been alot of attacks in NYC of folks being attacked due to having Iphone. Luckily Frank is healing and getting better daily so keep him in your thoughts. From Ft. Lauderdale Fl to DC to now New York City you guys have been by my side and love you all...

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