Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Something New and Different- Black Gay Cruise?

From the Desk of King in Miami Follow me on Twitter for the Latest in South Florida Haps..... I know, I know; its been a hot minute since I been on the blog. I took sort of a hiatus to priortize some things including hopefully the Grand Opening of my own club in 2013. Yes, I been a busy beaver! So, a few months ago I decided I needed a break from reality and one of my friends told me about Songmaster "Bi Gay And Lesbian Black Cruise". I was shocked to even find out that this type of cruise even existed. So I looked at their website www.bglcruising.com and decided to book the cruise. And once I told some of my friends I was going, it seems quite a few others were interested in going, too. So a small group of my friends from Orlando and Atlanta, will be joining the many others, in less than 25 days for a 7-day vacation to 4 port-of-calls in the Caribbean. They have several parties including a beach party in St Thomas, a Halloween party aboard the ship and other events. They even bring in their own DJ for the parties and meet and greets. I hear they stil have a few cabins available if you are interested in going. You can get more info at BGLcruising.com I will post pictures and commentary about the trip, of course, on AndresFlava. I am excited about this trip because it's something different and they have been doing this cruise for over 15 years now. I wish I knew about this before. I am looking forward to this vacation. I got my passport ready and my bags are soon to be packed. LET'S GO!

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