Sunday, December 30, 2012

Black Gay Web Series: FREEFALL // Ep. 4 "Fun and Games" (Mid-Season Finale) ||

Get into the latest episode of this new black gay web series and if you can donate to bring more episodes back...

Thursday, December 27, 2012



Based on James Earl Hardy's best-selling novel about a journalist and bike messenger who fall in love, the play will make its debut during the 2013 Downtown Urban Theater Festival in New York City. The performance is scheduled for March 16 at 7:30 pm at the Here Arts Center in SoHo.

Auditions will be held at the Roy Arias Studios, 300 W43rd Street @ 8th Avenue, in Studio #401A on Sunday, January 13 from 5 pm - 9:30 pm.



* MITCHELL "LITTLE BIT" CRAWFORD (the middle class gent from Brooklyn) - African American/Black men, 25-35, 5' 9" or below, light or caramel complexion, compact tight frame, stacked in the back

* RAHEIM "POOQUIE" RIVERS (the homeboy from Harlem) - African American/Black men, 20-30, six feet+, dark brown/chocolate complexion, ripped muscular frame


* EUGENE “GENE” ROBERTS (the sarcastic, smug one) - African American/Black men, late 30s/early 40s

* BARRY “B.D.” DANIELS (the ditzy one) - African American/Black men, mid- 20s to early 30s, muscular/dancer's frame

* COURTNEY “BABYFACE” LYONS (B.D.'s boifriend, the unassuming one) - African American/Black men, mid-20s to early 30s


* DERRICK “D.C.” CARTER (the cocky one) - African American/Black men, early-to-mid 20s, diminutive yet diesel down

* ANGEL “A.C.” CORTEZ (the cool one) - Puerto Rican/Dominican men, early-to-mid 20s, around six feet, toned to muscular physique

* MICHELLE “MICHI” SNIPES (receptionist at Your World magazine) - African American/Black/Blatino women, mid-20s to early 30s

* MRS. RIVERS (Raheim’s mother) - African American/Black women, early-to-mid 40s

* KAREEM (troublemaking homie at the party) - African American/Black/Blatino or other men of color, early-to-mid 20s, six feet or higher, muscular frame

* DAVID (Raheim’s ex) - carbon copy of Mitchell with a street edge [non-speaking role]

Please send your pic/digital portfolio, bio/resume, acting reel/vid clips to Also, indicate which character you'll be reading for, and which half hour block (5-5:30 pm, 6:30-7 pm, etc) you will be able to attend. You will receive a confirmation as to when your audition is scheduled. You may prepare a two minute monologue or choose to read from one of the sides provided by the production team.

Actors chosen will be required to attend one table reading, one dry rehearsal, one tech rehearsal, and one dress rehearsal. Actors will receive a small stipend (ranging from $35-$75) immediately following the performance.

Do spread the word. Thanks!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Momma'z Boi Eps. 7: Crazy Week

From the brain child of Kevyn Mines who you might know as "Venom" comes a new black gay web series entitled Momma'z Boi.

High Az Eva - Kaoz ( feat. Quentin Adams) - 2012 - Official Music Video

Out rapper Kaoz brings you the visual to a his latest hit song get into the video.. and for more info on Kaoz go to his bandcamp page and download his music...

(New Music Video) MYA is Back: MYA: "Mr. Incredible" VIDEO

Congrats to Derek Brown on directing this video. Derek is Mya longtime back up dancer get it in Derek, kudos you rock and welcome back MYA loving the concept and the song. Get into it....

(PARODY) Got 2B Real: The Finale - hosted by The Skorpion Show (Part 1)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

New Music: Fantasia - Lose To Win

Fantasia is back with new music and we here at Andresflva love us some Fantasia and she definitely bringing the heat with this new single which will be out on Itunes on Jan 8.

Watch: Anthony Antoine's "Secret Lover" - Official Music Video

The first music video promoting my new CD London 2 Atlanta: the Ultimate Collection which was released on December 11, 2012. A video concept that's lived in my head over a decade says Anthony Antonie. 

Click the link above and purchase the album also for more info on  Anthony Antoine  check out his youtube channel  

Monday, December 17, 2012

It's A No Shade Christmas: Promo

From the creators of the upcoming web series No Shade get into their holiday promo just a sample of what you will expect coming from them starting in Feb. Kudos to entire NO Shade team.

ADTV presents: Rapid Fire w/ BRYAN RASBERRY

Monday, December 10, 2012

Will Smith along with Jayden Smith stars in After Earth Trailer 6/7/13

A father and son, after a crash landing, explore a planet that was evacuated by humans due to catastrophic events.

This Thurs in NYC Chrisette Michele 12/13 at W.I.P!

This Thursday in NYC Chrisette Michele takes over W.I.P. so come out and hear her new mixtape "Audrey Hepburn : An Audiovisual Presentation. It's inspired by travels I took thru London, Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels.

I have the beautiful features of my brother Lem Payne, Wale, Rob Glasper, 2 Chainz, Bilal, Dunson, Fogo of Angola Africa, Wretch 32 of the UK, Dunson, Guitar Slayer, the saxophonist Kenneth Whalum, and my very own cousin NELLO LUCHI!

My mix tape is FREE on

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Author Spotlight: Book of She by Darnell Lamont Walker

Falling in love with a writer must be a difficult thing. The lines between truth and fiction become blurred, and you find yourself tiptoeing around it, and sometimes over it. You just want to be loved, and the writer wants to make you immortal. Book of She is about the immortal women collected over a lifetime.

Pre-Order Your Copy Today. Ships December 22, 2012 

More about the Author Darnell Lamont Walker is a a visionary, a rebel, a person looking to make an impact in the world and is about change for the good of people and the society we live in. Darnell has traveled the country speaking and raising awareness on various issues that is dear to his heart but at the end of the day he is an writer and innovator moving us forward. Darnell has just completed his 3rd Book entitled Book of She which you can pre-order now and will be out just in time for Christmas. Prior to that he wrote "Creep" which was released earlier this year and CREEP highlights several relationships, their ups, downs, and insanity. Using real conversations, emails, text messages, letters, visits to the shrink, and oh so much more, Darnell Lamont Walker gives humorous how-to's to help those who have absolutely no clue. Names have been changed to protect the shamed. Includes inserts from several friends, case studies on a brother or two . and his first book which was entitled "An Avenue of Trees".

For More information log on to to see the many projects Mr. Walker has up his sleeve under his brand.

Kerry Washington and Shonda Rhimes on Oprah's Next Chapter 12/9/12 9pm

Oprah goes to the set of ABC's hit television series Scandal in Los Angeles and sits down with actress Kerry Washington and the show's creator, Shonda Rhimes. Plus, Oprah talks to Judy Smith, the real-life inspiration for Kerry's character, Olivia Pope, about some of her most infamous clients.

Watch Oprah's interview with Kerry Washington and Shonda Rhimes on Sunday, December 9, at 9/8c.

For more on Oprah's Next Chapter visit

Monday, December 3, 2012

Kanye West - "CLiQUE (Feat. Big Sean & Jay-Z)" [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] by...

Love Alcohol harmony get into Durand Bernarr....

Steel River: New Black Gay Web Series debuts Jan 2013

Steel River, set in Atlanta Georgia, captures different emotions that are seen through the eyes of four men.., stifled, damned, immune and jaded, their personal sacrifices keep their dreams alive, the kind of things people take for granted. Some of the poignant disasters in their lives come from the idea of what they thought they were going to become. Life as you well no, doesn’t always work that way and sometimes you end up falling in love with the one you never expected. Ladies and Gentlemen “Once Upon An Imagination Filmz” introduces Steel River, an alternative in an alternative life.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Churchwives of ATL: TLC presents: The Sisterhood debuts 1/1/13 9pm

TLC's "The Sisterhood" - a new ground-breaking docu-series that takes viewers behind the pews and into the lives of some of Atlanta's "first ladies" to view from inside their world, as they support their husbands and churches.

FREEFALL // Ep. 1 "Compromising Positions" || @FreefallSeries

Interesting new web series "FreeFall"

For these guys, their lives are enhanced, not defined, by their sexuality. Follow them as they share a living situation that becomes complicated both in and outside of their beds. A series from Award-Winning Writer/Director @lamontpierre (

Shamon Glaspy as XAVIER
Langston John Blaze (@LangstonJBlaze) as TRENT
Jody Fulton as CAMERON

Share the series with Friends!!


"Roomieloverfriends" | Episode 8 of 9

My new guilty pleasure get into the latest episode of the web series "Roomieloverfriends"....