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Breaking News! Eddie Long Accuser Spencer Legrande Speaks 09/29/2010

Inspirational Video of The Day:Turn The LIGHT On In Your LIFE

Blogger/Friend Xem Van Adams always puts out a video at the right time that always hits close to home for me and this one definately does his latest video "Turn The LIGHT On In Your LIFE" so check it out and subscribe to his other videos on youtube at and check out his blog daily at

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


"Bishop Long is in the pulpit, Eddie Long is in the private," said Parris. "And we know Eddie Long. That's a whole other man."

Those are the words uttered by Jamal Parris the oldest of the 3 other accusers who have accused bishop Eddie Long of Sexual Abuse and coersion. Jamal also stated that "Enough is enough," said Parris. "This man is-- he's done too much damage to the lives of young men and it's time it stops." and the nail that nailed the coffin shut for me was this following statement

 "Being around him is almost like a drug," Parris explained. "You can't believe the place you are at in your life and the things you are doing and the cars you are driving, and the people you are meeting. So, it becomes, if I want to continue to feel this love and this power, I'll do whatever my dad wants me to."
Jamal says that what the bishop wanted was sex. He said it began after he became of age, and he said it was constant. "His house. The hotels. His condos. In the church," Parris said. "In the church, before and after service."

Now if you guys do not believe this is damaging evidence and that this 4 victims are in it for the money please believe its more than money!!

VIDEO: Gay Pastor Troy Sanders debates Ted Haggard about the Bible

Watch openly Gay pastor Troy Sanders debate Ted Haggard about the Bible and the Eddie Long Scandal which aired last week on CNN on Anderson's Cooper show Anderson 360.

Hump Day Laughter:Every Little Step Remake with Mike Tyson & Wayne Brady & Bobby Brown

A remake of the Bobby Brown classic "Every Little Step" with Mike Tyson and Wayne Brady must be seen to be believed.

V-103, FOX 5's Dale Russell Discuss Bishop Eddie Long Accuser's Interview

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

This morning Dale Russell the reporter who interviewed Jamal Parris which was aired last night on Fox 5 in Atlanta came on to the V-103 Frank Ski & Wanda morning show to discuss his interview with Jamal get into the interview.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jamal Parris Speaks:Plantiff in Eddie Long Civil Case

Once we get video we will posted but here is the written version of the interview that led to Parris Harris now 23 and living in Colorado and the 3rd of the 4th person to file a Cilvil Lawsuit against Bishop Eddie Long who is the Bishop at New Birth Missionary Church in Lithonia, Georgia.

 Below is Dale Russell of Fox 5 Atlanta interview with Parris Harris:

ATLANTA, Ga. - For the first time, one of the men filing suit against Bishop Eddie Long is speaking out. In an exclusive interview with FOX 5 senior I-Team reporter Dale Russell, Jamal Parris tells a story of what he calls a love-hate relationship with a man he called "daddy."
Following Bishop Long's sermon on Sunday, Russell caught a plane to Colorado, which is home to Jamal Parris-- the oldest of all the accusers in the case. In a parking lot, late at night, Parris told Russell a story of love, anger, and desire to protect other young men.
Jamal Parris didn't want to talk at first, but before he left us, he had plenty to say about Bishop Eddie Long.
"You look at our eyes," Parris said. "You hear the pain in our voice. We have no reason to lie to this man."
Jamal Parris is one of four young men who have filed sexual misconduct lawsuits against Bishop Eddie Long, accusing him of using scripture and church money to sexually seduce them.

"I am not the man being portrayed on the television," Bishop long told the congregation at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church on Sunday. "That's not me."

On Sunday, Bishop Eddie Long spoke for the first time, never flatly denying the claims, but vowing to fight.
"I feel like David against Goliath," Long said.
Since last week, none of the four young men have talked publicly about the lawsuit-- until now. We found Jamal Parris shopping at a 24-hour store in Colorado. Initially, he was reluctant to talk.
But once he started, he told a riveting story about how as a young teen-- a 14 year old with no father in his life-- he joined New Birth Missionary Baptist Church. Bishop Eddie Long came into his life. He said Long said to call him "daddy" and to trust him with spiritual guidance.
"I loved him," Parris said. "I always have loved him for what he taught me. How he left us hurt more than anything else in my life."
Parris claims in his lawsuit the father-like figure used scripture to justify sex. And he lavished money, cars, jewelry, trips in the Bishop's private jet, even homes on the teens, sometimes with funds from the church coffers.
"You finally have a father that you've always wanted for and always dreamed of," Parris said. "He would just walk away from you if you don't give him what he wants. So you end up turning into something you never thought you would be, which is now a slave to a man that you love."
As he claimed in his lawsuit, Jamal says the bishop began a slow sexual seduction, which became more intimate and more intense after the young boys became of legal age.
"So, while the media look at us, how could grown men let them touch him? This man has manipulated us since childhood," Parris explained. "He was our father. We loved him."
Through his attorney, Craig Gillen, Bishop Long has called the allegations in the lawsuits false.
In the end, Parris says when the bishop loses interest in sex and sets his sights on other younger men, the older boys are left behind.
"The man turned his back on us when he had no more need for us," Parris said. "That's not a father, that's a predator."
Parris says he attempted to resolve the matter privately with the bishop, but when that didn't work, lawsuits were filed identifying the young men accusing the bishop.
"We would have to be the craziest kids in the world to come out and admit another man touched us publicly," said Parris. "To believe this is about money is ludicrous."
He says he loved Bishop Long, but he can't escape the nightmare of what he says Long did to him as a young man.
"I can't get the sound of his voice out of my head," said Parris. "I can't get the smell of his cologne away. How he made me cry when driving home when not enough showers could wipe the smell of his body off of my body."
Jamal Parris, near the end of our interview, said he wanted to speak directly to Bishop Eddie Long, and he turned to our camera to do so.
"But that man can not look me in my eye and tell me we did not live this pain," Parris said. "Why you can sit in front of the church and tell them that you categorically deny it. You can't say that to our face. And you know this. You are not a man but a monster."
And with that, Jamal Parris got in his car and drove off into the night.
We tried to contact Bishop Eddie Long, but his spokesperson did not return our calls.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Bishop Eddie Long address New Birth Congregation

Bishop Eddie Long compared himself to the Biblical tale of David fighting the giant. "Please hear this he said: I’ve been accused. I’m under attack. I want you to know as I said earlier I am not a perfect man. ... But this thing I’m going to fight. I feel like David against Goliath, but I’ve got five rocks and I haven’t thrown one yet."


CNN's Don Lemon Reveals Childhood Sexual Abuse to Eddie Long Supporters

I am so happy Don Lemon of CNN spoke out it makes me love him all the more than i did before. I believe if more people spoke out on abuse regardless of who did it we will be in a better world today. Kudos Don you ROCK!

Video: Bishop Carlton Pearson on CNN addressing Gays in the Black Church

Bishop Carlton Pearson discusses with Kyra Phillips of CNN the Bishop Eddie Long sex allegations and homosexuality in gospel music and the black church.

Anacostia - Season 2 Episode 1 "Scar Tissue"

Anacostia - Season 2 Episode 1 "Scar Tissue" from Anacostia The Web Series on Vimeo.

The much anticipated return of Season 2 of Anacostia the Webseries is back and babe when i tell you things havent changed from the opening season of episode 1 of the new season there is already alot of fire works. I had the opportunity over the weekend to go to the premiere party of Anacostia the Web Series here in DC where Episode 1 and 2 was screened to a packed room of folks at Zanzibar on the waterfront. Kudos to the cast and director Anthony Anderson on what looks like will be another crazy season on Anacostia. Get into episode 1 up above.

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Bishop Eddie Long Sex Scandal Updates

Sometimes I am proud to be a gay media blogger and this last few days has been that time. The whole Eddie Long Scandal has been beyond crazy and it gets crazier by the day and myself along with tron of  Drama Dupree of Rod of Rod 2.0 Darian Aaron of Dj Baker of the Da Doo Dirty Show who have been very vocal and have not minced words at all when it came to how they felt so kudos to those bloggers and all who have voiced their opinions on the matter.

At the end of the day it will be the courts who will have the finally judgement on Bishop Long and even though this may have been consenting adults since GA Law states that consexual sex starts at 16 he is still in the wrong for being a head spiritual leader and taking advantage of these young men.

Below is audio of Darian Aaron interview with Dj Baker Show yesterday courtsey of

Also below are the photos of Bishop Long that he sent to these young men

Third Lawsuit against bishop Long comes out from 23 year old Jamal Parris

"Jamal Parris, 23, alleged in a suit filed today that Bishop Eddie Long used his private plane to fly him around the world -- from Los Angeles to Trinidad to New York -- and sexually abused him along the way. Parris alleges in the documents, obtained by ABC News, that the bishop would request he be nude while in his presence and would request "sexual massages" and "oral sodomy" when they traveled.

Parris joins two other young men, Maurice Robinson and Anthony Flagg, who also say the bishop recruited them into the youth ministry and then forced sex upon them. "

One of those photos viewed by ABC News depicts Long posing in what appears to be a bathroom stall in a red muscle shirt. The photo was sent via e-mail in November 2008 and is signed, "Eddie L Long, Amazed by His Grace."

Long, who once marched the streets of Atlanta to protest same-sex marriage, is considered a major figure in the black church. His New Birth Missionary Baptist Church has approximately 25,000 members, and sits on 240 acres in Lithonia, Ga.

According to separate lawsuits filed in DeKalb County, Ga., by Robinson, Flagg and now Parris, Long conducted what they called private spiritual ceremonies in which he "coerced certain young male members and employees" into sexual acts and relationships.

Now in their 20s, the men claim in their lawsuits that they were teenagers when Long showered them with "cars, clothes, jewelry and electronics," flew them across the world in private jets and booked them into luxury hotels, all the while pushing them into a sexual relationship.

"The allegations are that sexual things started to happen at 17 and 18 years old," Bernstein said.

Even though 17 is above the age of consent in Georgia, Robinson and Flagg claim that the bishop violated his "fiduciary duty as [their] spiritual advisor."

Long's attorney, Craig Gillen, countered the men's claims, writing in a statement that "Bishop Eddie Long adamantly denies the allegations.

Atlanta-area radio host Frank Ski, a 12-year-member of Long's church, told the Atlanta Constitution-Journal that he had "extreme support" for the man he's known for more than a decade.

"It's difficult for me because Bishop Long and I are very close," he told the paper. "I'm one of these people who's really old school. When you're a friend and I support you, I support you. Right now it's allegations."

Also Below is one of my favorite tv personalities Rick Sanchez of CNN who broke the story. If you have followed his career like i have from when he was first in Miami with WSVN a Fox affilate then you know that Rick is the business.

More on Breaking Story of Bishop Long from CNN

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Ryan Drake: How Freaky is ya Freak???

Oh how i love me so Ryan Drake get into his latest video on how Freaky is ya Freak.LMAO .....


In typical fashion the blog world and internet has been buzzing for close to 24 hrs now when news leaked first on that Mega church Bishop Eddie Long was being sued for sexual abuse on two young men in ATL well two very popular bloggers and friends Tron of and Drama Dupree of talk about the mayhem and controversey so take a listen....

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Check out the latest video from Faith Evans for “Gone Already”, the lead single from her upcoming sixth album, Something About Faith, which will hit stores October 5.

Bishop Eddie Long Sued 4 Coerceing 2 Young Males 4 Sex

A new lawsuit says the megachurch pastor was using his position at the pulpit to talk men out of their pants. Two Georgia men have filed suit claiming that prominent Atlanta pastor Eddie Long coerced them into sex.

The suits, filed Tuesday in DeKalb County, Georgia, allege that Long used his position as a spiritual authority and bishop to coerce young male members and employees of his New Birth Missionary Baptist Church into sex.

“Defendant Long has a pattern and practice of singling out a select group of young male church members and using his authority as Bishop over them to ultimately bring them to a point of engaging in a sexual relationship,” the suits allege.

The pastor took one plaintiff, Anthony Flagg, 21, on overnight trips to a half-dozen American cities in recent years, Flagg’s suit alleges.

“Long shared a bedroom and engaged in intimate sexual contact with plaintiff Flagg including kissing, massaging, masturbating of plaintiff Flagg by defendant Long and oral sexual contact,” the suit says.

Long took the other plaintiff, Maurice Murray Robinson, 20, to Auckland, New Zealand, in October 2008 for his 19th birthday and engaged in oral sex with him, Robinson’s suit alleges.

“Following the New Zealand Trip, Defendant Long regularly engaged in sexual touching, and other sexual acts with Plaintiff Robinson,” Robinson’s suit alleges.

Both plaintiffs said the pastor, his church and church employees gave them cash and lavish gifts that ranged from cars to college tuition.

The suits also said that Long framed the sexual relationships as religious in nature.

“Defendant Long would use Holy Scripture to discuss and justify the intimate relationship between himself and Plaintiff Robinson,” Robinson’s suit alleges.

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GAY RAPPER LASTO aka LAST OFFENCE - Love Life Pain Coming Out Music Prid...

Two great folks Wes from AcconectionTV sits down with the O so sexy rapper Last Offence. Great Interview. I had the opportunity to meet and hang with Last O on several occassions and he a really cool down to earth dude. Wes of Acconection TV i met back im June during NYC pride and also a great person. I got to interview both folks so check the archieves for their interviews.

TWITTER: http://www,

Also check out Wes and his crazy characters on his youtube channel

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Epidemic Chronicles Movie Trailer

Writer, director and producer Lance Forrest's "The Epidemic Chronicles: No Once Is Exempt."

Forrest's film takes a jarring look into the lives of six African American men and chronicles their discovery and journey with HIV/AIDS. This controversial film takes viewers through a range of emotions as it addresses issues of social stereotypes, sexuality, deception and promiscuity.

The Film will be screened here in DC on Friday Sept 24 at Roadside Cafe` located at 2101 Benning Road Northeast Washington, DC at 9:00 p.m. Each screening will include a four-course meal with an admission price of $35 per person. Tickets can be purchased at in advanced.

Andresflava gives thanks 5 Years Blogging

Today we celebrate 5 long years in the Blog World and i wanted to come on here and give thanks to folks that have helped along the way. Thanks to everyone who has subscribed to youtube channel, who have logged on to the site every day, the emails saying i have inspired you. Thanks to the many folks who have stopped me in the streets and said they read the blog. I wouldnt be doing this still if it wasnt for you all. Every promoter, DJ, Celebrity i have met and most of all the every day folks like me. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

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Eugene Thorn: Black, Gay, & HIV Positive: Sits down with Oprah

You gotta love Oprah and thanks to Blogger and Friend Darian Aaron for posting this on this site because we all need to see this. Oprak kudos for goin back to Williamson, West Virginia and covering HIV and especially having an openly gay black male who is HIV positive talk about the diease.

In 1987, AIDS patient Mike Sisco jumped into a pool and his town erupted. Twenty-three years later, Oprah goes back to Williamson, West Virginia to see if things have changed in the 23 years and thats when Oprah interviewed Eugene Thorn in the video clip above.

Love Oprah or Hate her Oprah always knows how to get people talkin and hopefully with this show this will get people talking bout HIV/AIDS in the Black community in small towns and big towns.

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Janet Jackson Performs @ 12th Annual Global Investment Conference in NYC

Pop icon Janet Jackson performed a private concert for investment company Rodman & Renshaw on Monday night (Sept 13th). The gig took place during their 12th Annual Global Investment Conference at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

Janet’s setlist included some of her vintage classics (Pleasure Principle, Rhythm Nation, Black Cat), to some of her 90s hits (Again, That’s The Way Love Goes, Together Again) and her more recent stuff (Feedback, Nothing, etc). The 44-year-old surprised many of her fans in the audience with her opening.

She started the show by walking at the back of the theater singing the first verse of ‘Pleasure Principle’. Before making her way to the main stage, she walked down the aisle and slapped a couple of hands in the audience before impressing crowds with her fiery performances. With Janet now doing corporate shows, her estimated pay check reportedly fell into the millions! Check out some fan footage after the jump.


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Tyler Perry's "For Colored Girls" Trailer Opens Nationwide Nov 5

"For Colored Girls" brings to the screen Ntozake Shange's Obie Award-winning play, a poetic exploration of what is to be of color and a female in this world.

Stars an amazing cast of characters from Janet Jackson, Whoopi Goldberg,Phylicia Rashad,Loretta Devine,Kimberly Elise,Kerry Washington,Thandie Newton,and Macy Gray.

Finding Me:Truth Teaser

Although the film was set for a 2010 summer release things had to be pushed back due to some very great news. Finding Me: Truth will be distributed by TLA Releasing! With this in place “Truth” will hit the big screens in selected cities February 2011.

Finding Me, “Truth” picks up from the first film with Faybien Allen, the central character finding more lessons in love and life. This journey also focuses on his best friends Amera and Greg, who finds themselves engaging in more drama, love and self-discovery. Along for the ride is Jay. He will show Faybien which roads should be avoided.

For more info on purchasing the first film, “Finding Me: Identity”, please visit . Please visit the family of Finding Me: Truth at our blog:  . We are also on Facebook (Finding Me The Movie) and follow us on Twitter  “Finding Me: Truth”

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1 on 1 with Author Will Caldwell "Boi, Pull Your Pants UP!"

I sat down with Author Will Caldwell while in DR and we talk about his New Book "Boi, Pull Your Pants UP!" is where you can pick up the book. Also here is a testominal by Terrence Ford who had this to say about the book. "I've had the opportunity to read the book several weeks ago. It is a really good read. Bite sized stories that seize your attention without becoming overbearing or boring. It’s not just a cliché “gay” book. It shows how actions can take affect and the possible consequences of those actions on a cross section of the public. Just as Will said in the interview, it gives the message without coming across preachy, or generic and stale like a fact-filled pamphlet. Go check it out!"

Gay Rapper BryN't performs @ Inferno DR 2010

Gay rapper BryN't performs at Inferno DR 2010 while in the Dominican Republic over the Labor Day Holiday also check his youtube channel out

1 on 1 with Mattew Barrett of ADTV

During a late night dinner i got an opportunity to chat it up with Mattew of ADTV he talk about life, success and whats next 4 him. Check out Mattew at and on

The Beach Party @ Inferno DR 2010

The "kids" were getting their life in DR as they danced the night away in DR check it out as they danced to Beyonce

VMA's 2010 Review:The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

As a loyal watcher of the VMA's I have to say that this year was the worst... From a channel that rarely plays videos anymore it seems to be quite pointless to even have this award show. I began watching at 8pm which was the pre-show and the main events were said to be Lady GaGa's arrival and Nikki Minaj's performance Now from the BET Award performance I was already set to be disappointed and like clock work she was far worst then I could have ever imagined.

She (Minaj) came out in this cotton candy hair and this foil type catsuit with this song she sang (or lip synced) with Will even he couldn't save this one. Meanwhile GaGa showed and made a statement with her escorts (The men and women discharged for being openly gay in the military) and wearing the departed designer Alexander Mcqueen's final line as well as winning the first 2 awards of the night. Other than that the pre-show arrivals was less then stellar.

Chelsea Handler pulled no punches as Host she went after everyone from Kanye to the Jersey Shore kids I was highly entertained. People via twitter were mad when she said anything about their favorite "star" all I could say was inmagine if it was Kathy Griffin..


The main show kick off with Eminem with not so special guest Rhianna. Rhianna has offically started the count down to her career being over. She sounded a hot mess (no surprise) and she looked a circus freak with that blood red wig on. (Rhianna stick to the short do)

As the show went on I couldn't understand as to why I was watching this until Taylor Swift came out with a performance that started with a clip of last years VMA's of Kanye interupting her speech and if you thought that was it your sadly mistaking. The song she sang was a ballad that if you didn't know any better sounded like a date rape scene. (I loved every min of it)

Drake came on with MJB. Drake should thank MJB because she is the only reason why people even remembered he performed. I still don't get the hype must be because he's lightskinned..

B.O.B performed with Bruno Mars and Haley Williams. They were actually quite good and Haley can really sing and Bruno can as well but he looked like Jimmy Nuetron with that hair (LOL)

Usher performed and as usual he dances the same way he always has so there was no surprise there. Shocking he had to get a divorce in order to perform at the VMA's again. By the end of his performance was it me or did he look more tired then usual??? Getting old Ursher

Kanye came out at the end with his new song and confussing performance. I liked the song but still not a Kanye fan. There was a chant at the end of Kanye.. So a year later Taylor has had her public moment to deal with the maddness last year and Kanye's name is chantted by fans at the end of the song. So Now I guess we can all move on now. (Never under estimate the power of country music fans)

Lady GaGa never disappoints with taking home video of the year with "Bad Romance" when she was nominated in the same category 3 times and twice with Beyonce (Telephone, Video Phone). Cher was on hand to give out the award in true Cher fashion wear her big hair and barely there outfit 63 and still doing it.

Beyonce was nominated Multi times and won nothing I guess it's based on "Video Phone" being the worst video ever made but ok they needed a space filler.

Justin Bieber won best new artist People I still don't get it but again ok.

Minaj and Drake were nominated a few times as well and came up with nothing. I guess yall know what that means they will clean up at the Soul Train Awards..


3LWTV was on hand in DR for the festivities and here is their coverage of the weekend make sure to log on to Lonnell Williams site to see where he is goin next


ADTV was in the DR over the Labor Day Weekend and here is theie coverage of the weekend. log on to for more from Derrick and Mattew

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Inferno DR 2010 Pictorial Review pt 2 of 2

Well here are the second batch of pics from Inferno DR 2010 next is to upload the videos from the weekend so keep checking back and make sure you mark ya calendars for Inferno DR 2011 Sept 1-5 so SAVE THE DATE!!!

Inferno DR 2010 Pictorial Review Pt. 1 of 2

Aight folks here is the first batch of pics from Inferno DR 2010 I cant say again if you were not in the Dominican Republic this past weekend for Inferno DR you truly truly missed out on the great weekend. Again i want to Thank Darvin Williams, Lazara Rodriguez and Jenna on a great great weekend. More pics coming later along with more video coverage so stay tuned! Save The Date Inferno DR 2011 Sept 1-5 2011

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GLO TV Network---The New Urban LGBT Network releases Fall Schedule

As you know we now have a full line up of scheduled programming. Here is the current line of shows:

Friends and Lovers (Premieres September 14, 2010)
The Gayest Sh-t Ever (Premieres September14, 2010)

Beyond The Heels (Premieres September 7, 2010)
Sex: 2010 (Premieres September 15, 2010)

Drama Queenz (Premieres September 8)
Living Life (Premieres October 2010)
Girl Power (Premieres October 2010)

I Am Hip-Hop (Premieres October 2010)
Gay @ (Premieres November 2010)

Dating Dwight (Premieres September 10, 2010)
Being Legendary (Premieres September 17, 2010)

Christopher Street (Premieres September 11, 2010)

GLOflix: Sunday Night Movies (Premieres Fall 2010)


We have done our part, and offered you some of the best programming that highlights and showcases our community. Now it's your turn. You can now subscribe to GLO TV for only $5 a month. (That is less than a hot coffee or cool drink)

Trey Songz - "Can't Be Friends" [Official Video]

Trey songz delivers yet again i love this song "Cant Be Friends" and i love the accompanying video to go with it make sure you get Trey's new CD which comes out Next Tues Sept 14. Passion, Pain & Pleasure

Gay Rapper Last Offence performs in Dominican Republic--Inferno DR 2010

Phenominal rapper Last Offence who we chatted up with while he was here in DC over the Memorial Day Weekend performed on last saturday night in Dominican Republic as part of Inferno DR saturday night party hosted by Derrick Briggs of ADTV get into the hot performance. For more info on Last Offense log on to his

The Adventures of Bry'Nt and Friends

I have had the opportunity to see this young man perform several times this summer and everytime I him his performances get better and better. he is defineately one of the top gay rappers in the biz. so sit back and relax and enjoy the ride and adventures of BryN't who i recently saw this past weekend in DR as he performed LIVE as part of Inferno DR.

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Inferno DR 2010....If you were not there you missed out...Labor Day 2011

Inferno DR 2010....If you were not there you missed out...Labor Day 2011 from the comedy of Tammy Peay to the hotness of the Boys and Girls. Inferno DR lived up to the Hype by far and i was glad i was able to be apart of it all. I first want to thank Darvin Williams for bringing me down and allowing me to expiernce the weekend and to you I tip my hat to you and the entire Inferno DR staff Lazara and Jenna as well for all the hard work you did. To my other hosts great job Derrick Briggs and my co host of the dating game Tammy Peay again i am grateful to you for making me laugh the entire trip from when we got on the plane in Philly on Thursday morning til we land back in Philly on Monday evening you are a great person. I must say i ate at least 5 times each day i was there with the execption of monday since we were leaving, i dreaded leaving paradise. shouts out to our entertainment for the weekend the music of Last Offense, BryN't, and Kin4Life all out of New York you guys shut it down on Saturday nite. Shouts out to 3LWTV in the house as well you can also see footage and pics soon so log on to  It was great meeting new people and seeing alot of lesbians who came out in force, i think i fell in love with a few of them cause there were alot of sexy lesbians. Stay tuned all week as i post videos and pics from an amazing amazing weekend and cant wait to do it all again in 2011 SO SAVE THE DATE 9/1/11-9/5/11

Cut. ATL PRIDE 2010, Its a wrap.


The bff on the phone...

Pictures of Atlanta Pride 2010 from ShortFuseGuy

From the Desk of King in Miami
Follow me on Twitter for the Latest in South Florida Haps
Here are a few pictures from Atlanta this past weekend. I have a few more plus videos. Give me a day to post the rest. Alot to go thru. *Smiles" as he goes thru the pictures. Great memories!

Closing Remarks Part II from Shortfuseguy

Sorry my other video was cut are my last comments.

Closing Remarks about Atlanta Gay Pride 2010 from Shortfuseguy

From the Desk of King in Miami
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White Party ATL Pride 2010

I know I did a post about closing out the weekend but it didn't feel right not going to the last of the last events. Yesterday after the Glo TV event I ended up going to a pool party hosted by @yoboinewnue at the W Midtown and it wasn't actually a lot of pictures/video from that event, because it was more of a wind down, lets chill and chat type of event.

ANYTIME you go to events like this, and drinks are involved and you are having a good time, your plans start to change, and what you said you were not going to do becomes the exact thing you end up doing. With that being said I decided to go out to the Monday night show at the jungle, but I really wanted to see Teairra Mari who was performing at club Opera for the white party. One thing led to another and I ended up at the white party...

The event itself...well it was a Monday and I guess most people had already flew out, and the residents were at home getting ready for work the next day...

~ Vance of / @advancesworld

Glo TV Premiere

Yesterday I had the chance to go to the Glo TV premiere with several other people to check out what the lineup was all about. We were able to watch several clips and a few full episodes of shows that the network will host. Anytime something new comes out and people want you to buy into it always look at the seller and how the present the product. Everyone behind Glo TV was VERY passionate about the network, very excited to talk about the shows and things that we will have the chance to see. Being that they were so excited about the network, made me a little more excited, besides its people who look just like me and you on the screen....

I will say 2 to 3 shows stood out more to me, I guess they would be my favorites..the first is a show called Friends & Lovers, it held my attention, I was left wanting more, it actually made me laugh!

Next to Friends & Lovers I would say the next fav would be a show called the Gayest Shit Ever...Pure comedy, but kinda true comedy lol. This is the show you sit down with your girlfriends and laugh at while having wine on a chill night. I think I would actually like being on this show.

You can check out a preview of: Gayest Shit Ever

Glo TV has the current time it is an online channel only, and you can sign up monthly or yearly. If you choose the monthly plan its only $5.00 a month, cheaper than a Starbucks visit. It will give you access view the shows just as you normally would on TV. If you choose the yearly plan it is $50.00 for the entire year. You will have to check it out for yourself, but its kinda sexy...

~ Vance of / @advancesworld

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Why Wait....Nicki Minaj - Traxx

I REALLY wanted to wait until I woke up because I have a few things to say, but...its 8:10 am and I have not been sleep, so fuck that...I wanted to share this with yall now because Nicki Minaj showed her assssss tonight at traxx, its not the best but you will get the point...BUT I will post about the actual event in the afternoon after I wake up! JUST KNOW that I took one for the team tonight (YOU are the team)...I had no drinks, I was drenched in my own sweat, and I had someone behind me trying to steal my wallet...yeah...we will chat tomorrow. Good nite yall...well good morning, but you know what I mean....Vance @ADVANCESWORLD

~ Vance of / @advancesworld

Great Party, Great Drinks, Great People....

Sup yall, this is Vance checking in with you...before I went to sleep wanted to update you on the pool party that was hosted today by RockStars Production and Southern Explosion.

If you are in ATL this weekend you are probably aware that the mansion party was in a secret location and was only available by shuttle. The shuttle service was provided from two of the host hotels, the Loews and the Marriott, you also had the option to drive to a nearby parking lot as well. Being that I live in the city I drove myself over and caught the shuttle from the parking lot, the wait was only about 3 minutes. Truck pulls up me and two other people hop in and the next thing I know we are speeding down a dark street, I must say it actually felt kind of sexy the way everything was setup. Though some people had actual vans and buses to transport them I was lucky enough to be transported by truck there and back.

The party itself was nice, not TOO packed where it was uncomfortable but DEF not empty. Two MAYBE Three bars, short waits, great bar tenders. Music wise they were equipped with two different dj's, one on the first level as your greeted by music when you enter the mansion, and another on the terrace level where the pool was located. I got there a little late, so I didn't get to see all the hotness that was in the pool or surrounding it :~( BUT there were a lot of cute people in attendance, including the City Gym Boys. Overall RockStars Production and Southern Explosion gave a great pool party!

Just a quick look at what you missed while RockStars Mansion Pool Party was going on...

Pool Side

GloTV was on the scene showing support

City Gym Boys
Rockstars Employees were hot too! 

~ Vance of / @advancesworld

Saturday, September 4, 2010

A QUICK Update

Sorry its a little late guys...

I did get a small Clip of Fantasia for yall....

And some of the pics from friday night...

Adam Irby and Simba

D Woods and Raz B

A little entertainment...

~ Vance of / @advancesworld

Day 2 In the ATL for Black Gay Pride

From the Desk of King in Miami
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My commentary on the Glo Blogger's Network and FlavaMen Blatino's Awards.
Videos and pictures to come this afternoon.

Friday, September 3, 2010

It's time for Atlanta Black Gay Pride

From the Desk of King in Miami
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I decided to do something a little different this time around. I have this wonderful built-in webcam on my laptop and decided it's time to put it to use. I will be video blogging my experiences of Atlanta this time around. Something new, something fresh right? It's time for Atlanta Black Gay Pride- Are you ready for the ride?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Welcome To ATL's 14th Annual Black Gay Pride!

This year for Atlanta's Gay Pride Andre of AndresFlava has decided to show us exactly what jet setting is all about and how to do it the the right way. Andre landed in the Dominican Republic today at about 4 pm for the Labor Day weekend Inferno event, I'm sure he is all set to have a blast this weekend, taking out the minor detail of his bags getting lost (don't worry he will have them by the am).

With that being said the show MUST go on for all of us back in the States! I have the honor of pressing the play button for all of Dre's followers who are looking for the updates on what exactly is going on in ATL this weekend. This weekend will be the 14th Annual Black Gay Pride in Atlanta and one that just may be the most memorable! Though it has started off on a very sad note with losing one of the most loved people in the ATL gay scene Durand Robinson, of the Traxx family, we are sure to celebrate not only gay pride in the black community but the life of one of the people that made it possible for us to have such an enjoyable experience when visiting for the pride celebration.
 Now that he is not here with us physically we know that he is sitting very high and looking down low.

Who am I??? I am Vance G aka ADVANCE of and for the weekend I along with KingNmiami will be your tour guide, the catcher upper, the inside eye of what you may have missed on your left because of the guy you were looking at on your right. Forgive me up front :~) Unlike Dre I am a drinker, so some of the post will be fun, silly, and yes even crazy, but of course we will have our serious post as well. Keep in mind they will all be informative in some type of way to every reader. With the entertainment lineup this year ALL THE WAY TURNED UP it will be a complete blast for all of us. If having Ciara, Nicki Minaj, Frenchie Davis, Dondria, Kelly Rowland, Jazmine Sullivan and Fantasia just on a performing tip is not enough for you, you might want to check out for the weekend and come back Tuesday. What about the guys??? Jensen Atwood is in the city, the City Gym Boys are in the city, Raz B is in the city and with that being said, the Blatino Awards are being held IN THE CITY...what other boys could you possibly ask for? WassupNAtl, WhatsTheT, Traxx, The Lions Den, and Rockstars Productions has it all on lock this weekend.

Once the parties are over, the drinks are low, and the lube is dry you have to go home! This year we will not just be going home with a smile because of the previous night, but we will also be going home to tune into Glo TV which is premiering in ATL this weekend. Glo TV will debut this weekend as Americas First Urban LGBT Television Network! Trust me I have seen the starting lineup of shows and its not something I think you will want to miss!!!

With all of this being said, definitely stay tuned for the ride of 2010 ATL Pride, I don't think you will be disappointed! Be safe this weekend not only in the streets but also in the sheets, wrap it up if you decide you are want to go for a ride.

Any questions, comments during the weekend feel free to reach out to me @

2010 Atlanta Pride has just begun, PRESS PLAY! ....ADVANCE

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Andresflava celebrats 5 yrs Blogging

Wow where has the time gone. Its been 5 yrs in the game and we here at Andresflava has had many up and downs and we have also have alot of controverseries along the well as well as good times that has allowed us to be standing strong for so long even when i wanted to throw in the towel.

I gave birth to my blog on Sept 19, 2005 back then i was known as "lauderdaleboi1500" I had just came back from the Black Gay Men's Health Summit in Brooklyn, New York where i met alot of the movers and shakers in the Black Gay Community at the time with the likes of Frank Leon Roberts, Keith Boykin, Dr. Sheldon Fields, Dr. Leo Wilton, the late Shelton Jackson and countless others who at the moment i can not think of but that conference which was under People of Color in Crisis the leading HIV/AIDS agency at the time to put together the New York Black Pride did an excellent job of having some of the top leaders in the community to come to gether just before pride to come up with ways and ideas to better our community and this is when i knew i wanted to make a difference in the lives of people in our community as well as let my vouce be heard.

Through out the month here on Andresflava we will be taking a look back at where we have gone and where we are goin so sit back and enjoy as we celebrate 5 years stong in the Blogsphere.