Thursday, September 16, 2010

Eugene Thorn: Black, Gay, & HIV Positive: Sits down with Oprah

You gotta love Oprah and thanks to Blogger and Friend Darian Aaron for posting this on this site because we all need to see this. Oprak kudos for goin back to Williamson, West Virginia and covering HIV and especially having an openly gay black male who is HIV positive talk about the diease.

In 1987, AIDS patient Mike Sisco jumped into a pool and his town erupted. Twenty-three years later, Oprah goes back to Williamson, West Virginia to see if things have changed in the 23 years and thats when Oprah interviewed Eugene Thorn in the video clip above.

Love Oprah or Hate her Oprah always knows how to get people talkin and hopefully with this show this will get people talking bout HIV/AIDS in the Black community in small towns and big towns.

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