Monday, September 13, 2010

1 on 1 with Author Will Caldwell "Boi, Pull Your Pants UP!"

I sat down with Author Will Caldwell while in DR and we talk about his New Book "Boi, Pull Your Pants UP!" is where you can pick up the book. Also here is a testominal by Terrence Ford who had this to say about the book. "I've had the opportunity to read the book several weeks ago. It is a really good read. Bite sized stories that seize your attention without becoming overbearing or boring. It’s not just a cliché “gay” book. It shows how actions can take affect and the possible consequences of those actions on a cross section of the public. Just as Will said in the interview, it gives the message without coming across preachy, or generic and stale like a fact-filled pamphlet. Go check it out!"

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