Monday, September 27, 2010

Video: Bishop Carlton Pearson on CNN addressing Gays in the Black Church

Bishop Carlton Pearson discusses with Kyra Phillips of CNN the Bishop Eddie Long sex allegations and homosexuality in gospel music and the black church.

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ceoholla said...

The issue of homosexuality within the Black Church will go away when bigotry in America goes away: NEVER! Although unfortunate, this is a fact; our society is simply biased and too full of rhetoric (AND JUSTICE FOR ALL...LOL) to ever conquer this issue. Yet, this interview seemed to loose its focus and sincerity when Bishop Pearson discussed his "friend's" adulterous, irresponsible, selfless and alleged shocking and DISGUSTING acts of what I call, calculated, alleged "premeditated pedophilia" and betrayal of trust of our precious, beautiful young Black men! How dare you want to hug Bishop Long prior to his trial...where is your hug to these young men? If these issues are true, they need a hug more than Bishop Long and if not, they need a hug to find out why they made such allegations. For Bishop Pearson to suggest what that these young men "should have done prior to filing charges" as opposed to what Bishop Long should have done "prior to" performing these alleged acts upon these kids shows you just where peoples' loyalties lie: just where Bishop Pearson stated; with the person with the most money and connections.
Homosexuality in the Church and support for Bishop Long are 2 seperate and distinct issues and should have remained such; Bishop Pearson lost all credibility when he mixed the two and Kyra should have called him on this issue.