Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Inferno DR 2010....If you were not there you missed out...Labor Day 2011

Inferno DR 2010....If you were not there you missed out...Labor Day 2011 from the comedy of Tammy Peay to the hotness of the Boys and Girls. Inferno DR lived up to the Hype by far and i was glad i was able to be apart of it all. I first want to thank Darvin Williams for bringing me down and allowing me to expiernce the weekend and to you I tip my hat to you and the entire Inferno DR staff Lazara and Jenna as well for all the hard work you did. To my other hosts great job Derrick Briggs and my co host of the dating game Tammy Peay again i am grateful to you for making me laugh the entire trip from when we got on the plane in Philly on Thursday morning til we land back in Philly on Monday evening you are a great person. I must say i ate at least 5 times each day i was there with the execption of monday since we were leaving, i dreaded leaving paradise. shouts out to our entertainment for the weekend the music of Last Offense, BryN't, and Kin4Life all out of New York you guys shut it down on Saturday nite. Shouts out to 3LWTV in the house as well you can also see footage and pics soon so log on to http://www.3lwtv.com/  It was great meeting new people and seeing alot of lesbians who came out in force, i think i fell in love with a few of them cause there were alot of sexy lesbians. Stay tuned all week as i post videos and pics from an amazing amazing weekend and cant wait to do it all again in 2011 SO SAVE THE DATE 9/1/11-9/5/11

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