Sunday, September 5, 2010

Great Party, Great Drinks, Great People....

Sup yall, this is Vance checking in with you...before I went to sleep wanted to update you on the pool party that was hosted today by RockStars Production and Southern Explosion.

If you are in ATL this weekend you are probably aware that the mansion party was in a secret location and was only available by shuttle. The shuttle service was provided from two of the host hotels, the Loews and the Marriott, you also had the option to drive to a nearby parking lot as well. Being that I live in the city I drove myself over and caught the shuttle from the parking lot, the wait was only about 3 minutes. Truck pulls up me and two other people hop in and the next thing I know we are speeding down a dark street, I must say it actually felt kind of sexy the way everything was setup. Though some people had actual vans and buses to transport them I was lucky enough to be transported by truck there and back.

The party itself was nice, not TOO packed where it was uncomfortable but DEF not empty. Two MAYBE Three bars, short waits, great bar tenders. Music wise they were equipped with two different dj's, one on the first level as your greeted by music when you enter the mansion, and another on the terrace level where the pool was located. I got there a little late, so I didn't get to see all the hotness that was in the pool or surrounding it :~( BUT there were a lot of cute people in attendance, including the City Gym Boys. Overall RockStars Production and Southern Explosion gave a great pool party!

Just a quick look at what you missed while RockStars Mansion Pool Party was going on...

Pool Side

GloTV was on the scene showing support

City Gym Boys
Rockstars Employees were hot too! 

~ Vance of / @advancesworld

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