Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Glo TV Premiere

Yesterday I had the chance to go to the Glo TV premiere with several other people to check out what the lineup was all about. We were able to watch several clips and a few full episodes of shows that the network will host. Anytime something new comes out and people want you to buy into it always look at the seller and how the present the product. Everyone behind Glo TV was VERY passionate about the network, very excited to talk about the shows and things that we will have the chance to see. Being that they were so excited about the network, made me a little more excited, besides its people who look just like me and you on the screen....

I will say 2 to 3 shows stood out more to me, I guess they would be my favorites..the first is a show called Friends & Lovers, it held my attention, I was left wanting more, it actually made me laugh!

Next to Friends & Lovers I would say the next fav would be a show called the Gayest Shit Ever...Pure comedy, but kinda true comedy lol. This is the show you sit down with your girlfriends and laugh at while having wine on a chill night. I think I would actually like being on this show.

You can check out a preview of: Gayest Shit Ever

Glo TV has launched...at the current time it is an online channel only, and you can sign up monthly or yearly. If you choose the monthly plan its only $5.00 a month, cheaper than a Starbucks visit. It will give you access view the shows just as you normally would on TV. If you choose the yearly plan it is $50.00 for the entire year. You will have to check it out for yourself, but its kinda sexy...


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