Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bishop Eddie Long Sex Scandal Updates

Sometimes I am proud to be a gay media blogger and this last few days has been that time. The whole Eddie Long Scandal has been beyond crazy and it gets crazier by the day and myself along with tron of  Drama Dupree of Rod of Rod 2.0 Darian Aaron of Dj Baker of the Da Doo Dirty Show who have been very vocal and have not minced words at all when it came to how they felt so kudos to those bloggers and all who have voiced their opinions on the matter.

At the end of the day it will be the courts who will have the finally judgement on Bishop Long and even though this may have been consenting adults since GA Law states that consexual sex starts at 16 he is still in the wrong for being a head spiritual leader and taking advantage of these young men.

Below is audio of Darian Aaron interview with Dj Baker Show yesterday courtsey of

Also below are the photos of Bishop Long that he sent to these young men

Third Lawsuit against bishop Long comes out from 23 year old Jamal Parris

"Jamal Parris, 23, alleged in a suit filed today that Bishop Eddie Long used his private plane to fly him around the world -- from Los Angeles to Trinidad to New York -- and sexually abused him along the way. Parris alleges in the documents, obtained by ABC News, that the bishop would request he be nude while in his presence and would request "sexual massages" and "oral sodomy" when they traveled.

Parris joins two other young men, Maurice Robinson and Anthony Flagg, who also say the bishop recruited them into the youth ministry and then forced sex upon them. "

One of those photos viewed by ABC News depicts Long posing in what appears to be a bathroom stall in a red muscle shirt. The photo was sent via e-mail in November 2008 and is signed, "Eddie L Long, Amazed by His Grace."

Long, who once marched the streets of Atlanta to protest same-sex marriage, is considered a major figure in the black church. His New Birth Missionary Baptist Church has approximately 25,000 members, and sits on 240 acres in Lithonia, Ga.

According to separate lawsuits filed in DeKalb County, Ga., by Robinson, Flagg and now Parris, Long conducted what they called private spiritual ceremonies in which he "coerced certain young male members and employees" into sexual acts and relationships.

Now in their 20s, the men claim in their lawsuits that they were teenagers when Long showered them with "cars, clothes, jewelry and electronics," flew them across the world in private jets and booked them into luxury hotels, all the while pushing them into a sexual relationship.

"The allegations are that sexual things started to happen at 17 and 18 years old," Bernstein said.

Even though 17 is above the age of consent in Georgia, Robinson and Flagg claim that the bishop violated his "fiduciary duty as [their] spiritual advisor."

Long's attorney, Craig Gillen, countered the men's claims, writing in a statement that "Bishop Eddie Long adamantly denies the allegations.

Atlanta-area radio host Frank Ski, a 12-year-member of Long's church, told the Atlanta Constitution-Journal that he had "extreme support" for the man he's known for more than a decade.

"It's difficult for me because Bishop Long and I are very close," he told the paper. "I'm one of these people who's really old school. When you're a friend and I support you, I support you. Right now it's allegations."

Also Below is one of my favorite tv personalities Rick Sanchez of CNN who broke the story. If you have followed his career like i have from when he was first in Miami with WSVN a Fox affilate then you know that Rick is the business.

More on Breaking Story of Bishop Long from CNN

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