Tuesday, June 30, 2009

In the News

I was in NYC this past saturday and was able to attend this amazing event Dishing It with Dwight Allen O'neal alot of bloggers and celebs stop by so take a peek at the video below.

VIBE FOLD after 16 years!

“On behalf the VIBE CONTENT staff (the best in this business), it is with great sadness, and with heads held high, that we leave the building today. We were assigning and editing a Michael Jackson tribute issue when we got the news. It’s a tragic week in overall, but as the doors of VIBE Media Group close, on the eve of the magazine’s sixteenth anniversary, it’s a sad day for music, for hip hop in particular, and for the millions of readers and users who have loved and who continue to love the VIBE brand. We thank you, we have served you with joy, pride and excellence, and we will miss you,” Danyel Smith, editor in chief of VIBE Magazine, told CNBC.

Letoya Luckett debuts latest video "She Aint Got Shit on Me"

Obama celebrates 40 years of Stonewall riots on Monday June 28 with an LGBT Event at the White House

Watch CBS Videos Online

Monday, June 29, 2009

09 BET Awards: A waste of Time

Wow is all I can say about Sunday's 2009 BET awards that took place in LA and was to pay respect to the "Man in the Mirror" Mr. Michael Joesph Jackson who we all loved and miss but instead the 2009 BET Award was a shitty mess that should not have happened at all.

I will say that the moment for me was seeing Janet as soon as i walked on stage i teared up seeing the pain in her eyes and before she came on the camera panned to monica and she took a deep breathe and u knew from her reaction this was the moment that was goin to do it. I had said before the show i was hoping that Janet showed up and i am glad she did to start the healing process.

Below is a few performance hightlights that stood out from the 09 BET awards as well as what he thought of the show courtesy from my friend Richard:

The show sucked as it always has for the past years. This was a regular BET Awards with a promotion of being a tribute. Yes they had some clips of him and his music but where was the musical tribute??? There was very little Michael and too much of people trying to make a name for themselves:

There were some high notes: Maxwell, Neyo,Keri Hilson,Monica & Keisha Cole very good performances. The evening went very long and just when u figured it couldn't get any worst there was Guy,BBD,and Keith Sweat and it is clear that non of them can sing like they use too or we were tone death them days. The Night hit a chest grabbing moment when Janet walked out with the pain in her eyes and fighting back tears Thanking the fans and BET for all the love and support.

BET really disappointed me this time they could have done a small tribute on the show and then did a TV special tribute concert which would have featured some actually talented people and messages from all that loved him. This was just bad through and through.

The performances:
Jamie Foxx/T-Pain Blame it on the Alcohol was a hot performance if this was his only one. He played guitar which throw me but it was hot.

Neyo lady in my life was a huge surprise to me because his voice always annoyed me after a while but this song was in the right key and he did his thing with this one. Taking his hat off as a sign of respect for Michael really was classy and well done.

Beyonce Ava Maria/Angel Now with all of me I tried to give her a chance. However what was with the ice princess outfit? The vail is what did it for me. As far as her singing Angel by Sarah Maclacilin I really was mad at that because she is not vocally mature to sing a song like that and once again playing on her fans lack of music genres I am almost sure someone thought this was a new song of hers No it's not.. Check The City of Angels SDTK.

Kerri Hilson love comes around was cute because she tried to showcase the fact that she has real talent by dancing and singing and as far as first go this would have been well talked about if this so called tribute wasn't going on.

Lil wayne and crew I couldn't understand anything coming out of anyone's mouths plus every other word was bleeped out. I just don't get it people help me understand.

Maxwell OMG!!!! MAXWELL lawd have mercy this man has talent that just won't quit his dapper way of performing brought some class to the room and it needed it. He has these feather falling down with an angel laying down behind him as he worked the room it was truly something to see.

Also i poised the question to my facebook audience and here were their reaction to the 09 BET Awards:

So did 09 BET AWARDS do MJ justice? Why did it feel like the Neyo & Jamie show? Seeing Janet-heartbreaking??

Michael Leach at 9:07am June 29
BET did okay for the last minute tribute!! I would have loved to see a dance tribute, but I guess there wasn't enough time to rehearse.

Darrell Cortez at 9:09am June 29
BET needs to throw in the towel and get an overhaul!!! Horrendous and deplorable!!!

Jaisin M Hines at 9:10am June 29
I think that they did the best they could do for that network...

Demond Finney at 9:11am June 29
The show was embarassing. It was more like the Jamie Fox variety show.

TheMario Edwards at 9:11am June 29
@Michael, watch the VH1 awards on MyNetwork TV on Wed. I think that will do a better job. They have had more time

Michael Leach at 9:15am June 29
@Mario definitely will. I will be watching and/or recording everything MJ for the next year or two. lmao

Darrell Cortez at 9:15am June 29
More time, more money, more care. Of course it will be better, and their both owned by VIACOM, hmmm.

David 'Prince of Texas' Walker at 9:17am June 29
I see more people fail to realize they had TWO DAYS. Get over it. His family is not complaining, so why are you?

Jaisin M Hines at 9:23am June 29
Your paying Respect to a man but you have grown men running around on a stage rapping about fuckin every girl in the world with lil girls on the stage... hmmm

Demond Finney at 9:30am June 29
Two days or two months, that show was a mess and people really need to start speaking out on how BET portrays us on television. When someone calls us niggers we protest,but what about when we act like niggers on national television on our own. How are you going to pay tribute to someone and they have to bleep every other word you say. I feel that the artist should have stepped up their game for the night.

Richard Samuels at 9:38am June 29
The show wasn't great. It sucked as it always have tribute or not I viewed with thought they had 2 days and it still made no difference. Neyos performace was great and when Janet came out the reality set in that he is really gone. BET could have done a small tribute on the show then did a special concert or something

Demond Finney at 9:45am June 29
I agree Richard! Simple and dignified.

David 'Prince of Texas' Walker at 9:46am June 29
That's easier said then done. If everyone watched BET like me (once a year) then they would get the hint.

Richard Samuels at 10:27am June 29
They got the ratings they wanted I'm sure. We need to do better as a people. I am speaking as a network and as a people. They did a half ass job for a half ass network. I would have been shocked if they did a great job. And where did they get them all them people who haven't been around in years??? Trust me when I say I am not sure MTV would have been any better but they would have gave it way more thought.

Anthony Branch at 10:43am June 29
i thought it sucked..they could've done alittle better..and jamie fox is just annoying

Richard Samuels at 10:47am June 29

NYC Pride A Blast this Year

From the Desk of King in Miami
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Last weekend, NYC's Gay Pride Celebration Rolled into town via 5th Ave and the Village. Unfornately, I was unable to attend this year, but a friend of mine sent me a clip from local news broadcast which showed alot of the action. Thanks, Kevin.

Gay Pride in NYC

Janet's Emotional Thank You on the BET Awards

From the Desk of King in Miami
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Michael Jackson's Autopsy Results Leaked

From the Desk of King in Miami
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A UK newspaper has obtained leaked autopsy results from Michael Jackson tragic end. I posted the first few lines from article. The rest you can read on their site. Take a deep breath, it's rather shocking to say the least, and describes Michael physical state. Most of the article is information that is already available.

UK's the Sun

Published: Today

THE horrifying state of pop superstar Michael Jackson in his final days can be revealed by The Sun today.
Harrowing leaked autopsy details show the singer was a virtual skeleton — barely eating and with only pills in his stomach at the time he died.

His hips, thighs and shoulders were riddled with needle wounds — believed to be the result of injections of narcotic painkillers, given three times a day for years.

And a mass of surgery scars were thought to be the legacy of at least 13 cosmetic operations.

Read the complete story on the Sun website.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bleu Magazine Fucks Up Royally with Brandy Fiasco

Wow Wow Wow what can i say Bleu Magazine and the Hot Boyz Shitted on the Black Gay community last night where they had been advertising for weeks that Brandy would be performing for PRIDE there words as you can see above says BRANDY LIVE they can down play and reword it if they want but the "kids" came out in droves to see a BRANDY performance and got ROBBED point blank.

This is the TRUE story Bleu Magazine and Hot Boyz promoters contacted Brandy reps for her to do a "Walk Thru" and not a performance. Brandy had been in NYC all week along with Kelly Rowland since Sunday for reasons i can not disclose at the moment. Most celebs if they are performing someone will at least talk about it,Brandy did not at all talk about her performance leading up to her arrival at Promedance Night Club she in fact went to a comedy event prior to coming so i knew something wasnt right then. But i was told 2 weeks ago from a Brandy's camp official that this was a "walk thru" and when I told them that it was being advertised differently they confirmed to me that was not the case only a walk thru.

Why would u deceived the people who support you thru and thru. You knew damn well Brandy was not performing weeks ago but you allowed people to pay crazy prices to enter your small ass club and FUCK them. I honestly think it was a ploy to compete with KK party where they were having Electric Red so u wanted to steal their thunder.

This is what Brandy said Via her Twitter
If they said that I was performing, I apologize.. that never was the deal or the plan:( thank you so much for the love though.

Here is the reaction of one person who went to the event
We should stop supporting a club or venus that does us that way!!!! This kind of shyt doesn't happen to WHITE venues - only BLACK!!
about 17 hours ago from TwitterFon

We paid all that $ but got the same thing as everyone else …NOTHING!! @4everbrady it's not ur fault - the club carried us. WE STILL luv u.
about 18 hours ago from TwitterFon

We paid for VIP and was promised not to stand in line and still had to. They said we would meet her if we did VIP …NOT!!!
about 18 hours ago from TwitterFon
Ok tonight was a Fukin rip off. NEVER AGAIN! I am not blaming @4everbrandy but everyone thought she was going to perform NOTTT!!!!!

Beyonce pays tribute to Michael Jackson in Philly

The video isn't the best quality but this is the kick off to what will and hopefully be a great BET awards tribute to the king of Pop Michael Jackson who passed away on thursday at the age of 50. The video is courtesy of Skorpion of the Youtube Channel The Skorpion Show.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Breaking News: Michael Jackson dead at 50!

Just speechless is all i can say. Words cant express the sadness i am feeling right now. The glove one is gone and i feel like my heart has jumped out of my body THE ICON is indeed dead.

I have a more detailed report when i get my composure. THIS SHIT HURTS BAD

Michal Jackson DEAD at 50 1958-2009

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ciara "Work" the Gays in New Video

Ciara is giving it 2 the "kids" in this video I must say this one is indeed 4 the gays. Get into "work" Ciara 2nd single off of her latest album Fantasy Ride

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday News Bits

Will I. Am vs Perez Hilton

Apparently Perez Hilton was attacked by Will I. Am of the group Black Eye Peas in Canada on Sunday well depending on who you believe the assault did or did not happen. Below is video upload from Will.

Will I Am acount of the evening

Will I Am response to Perez bout twittering he got assaulted

Chris Brown Cops a Plea Agreement

Singer CChris Brown looks down as he appears in the Criminal Courts Building where he reached a plea bargain. The entertainer plead guilty to one count of felony assault on his former girlfriend, pop singer Rihanna in the Superior Court of Los Angeles County on Monday, June 22nd in Los Angeles.

Chris Brown has reportedly copped a plea in his assault case. Which means he will serve NO JAIL TIME, but will be on 5 years probation. He’s also been ordered to stay 50 yards clear of Rihanna. They are permitted to attend work related events at the same time, but have to stay 10 feet from each other during those events.

Chris was also ordered to spend 180 days doing community labor (8 hours a day — 1440 hours total) in Virginia which is where he lives. A Virginia law enforcement officer told the media that Brown will be picking up trash, pulling weeds and washing fire trucks.

He must also enroll in a domestic violence counseling program and he’ll get supervised probation. If Brown violates probation, he could get up to 4 years in prison.

BETs Dorion from College Hill-Atlanta lets it all hang out

I feel that this was a big publicity stunt from the jump why would this D list celeb who apparently got his email and twitter account hacked have the home addresses and phone numbers of celebs like solange knowles and the simmoms sisters and a few other celebs just to name a few below is the Radio interview he had with Charlamagne who is the male version of wendy williams he is the link to the interview http://www.zshare.net/audio/61708385cea44051/

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

This goes out to all the Fathers out their handling there business and doing what it takes to be a good father in their child's life. I never had the opportunity to know my father on that level. He never took interest in being apart of my life. The Shit hurts every day but I press forward. I always wondered what life would be like if he was actually in my life. I have met him n know him which is I guess good unlike some kids who have no idea who there father is. But I do command my mom 4 being a father/mother I know 4 her it was and is hard being a single mother and regardless of how I feel I thank you 4 raising me. So I guess to my mom I say Happy Day!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Kerry Washingtonn plays Transexual in New Movie "Life is Hot in Cracktown"

The movie Life is Hot in Cracktown is based on Buddy Giovinazzo's collection of short stories by the same name and its directed by the author.

The gritty, hard realities of a neighborhood, as well as the struggling, proud people who try to survive them everyday. Marybeth is a pre-op transsexual working as a prostitute and living with her lover, Benny, a small time burglar. In spite of their lines of work, they live a somewhat normal life as a married couple. Marybeth works the streets in the hopes of saving enough money for her final sex change operation, so then she and Benny can be married. Manny works two jobs: the late shift in an all night bodega surrounded by young junkies, drug dealers and prostitutes, and as a security guard in a Welfare hotel. At home his wife, Concetta, takes care of his sick infant son and makes their grimy rundown apartment as much of a home as she can. Willy, ten years old, lives in the Welfare hotel with his sister, mother and her violent boyfriend. Willy begs on the street so he and Susie can buy some fast food to eat. Romeo, a street tough, roams the streets with his gang. Upset over the murder of his younger brother, and feeling partially responsible for not being there during the shooting, he terrorizes anyone who comes in his path. These four stories come together in a powerful climax of love and salvation, showing that despite the obstacles of life in the inner-city, humanity and hope can still prevail. Based on Buddy Giovinazzo's best-selling novel, "Life is Hot in Cracktown," the vignettes show how crack cocaine has infiltrated the streets of urban America.

Friday, June 19, 2009

FlavaMen Magazine Offers Pretty Ricky's Spectacular 100k to pose NUDE!


CONTACT: Warren Bullock FlavaWorks 3054389470 press @flavaworks.com

Even 'Straight' Men can pose for FlavaMen magazine

MIAMI (June 12, 2009) – Flava Men Magazine, produced and distributed by parent company, Flava Works has officially made an offer to R&B sensation group’s Pretty Ricky’s Spectacular to pose nude in the magazine’s next issue. The company has secured and confirmed private investors to provide him with $100,000 in compensation for a photo spread featuring him as the magazine’s cover model. Spectacular, a member of the quartet Pretty Ricky based out of Miami, Florida has generated a great amount of buzz online and offline within recent weeks.

In creating anticipation for the group’s upcoming single, Tipsy, Spectacular posted a video on YouTube of himself dancing erotically to the song while wearing red bikini briefs. Shortly after, controversy and rumors of his sexuality surfaced due to him stating that the video is “strictly for the ladies” all while challenging other male entertainers. Some have loved the video while others have criticized him for his moves and view them as feminine in dancing style. In the YouTube video Spectacular calls out Trey Songz, Day26, Chris Brown and Omarion to a grinding competition. He even mentions Bow Wow who does not grind and is a rap artist. In response to the criticism, Spectacular posts a similar video addressing to the first video that “if you don’t watch it, you won’t have any comment” and reinforces that it was made “strictly for the ladies.” In this video, he chooses to wear black boxer briefs and makes an attempt to dance in a more masculine manner with a black folding chair. He has defended his sexuality and has appeared on a radio talk show and said firmly, “I ain’t gay.”

Flava Men magazine made the offer due to the company believing that even straight men can pose for Flava Men magazine. The magazine’s target audience is gay ethnic men of color but many of its models do not engage in sexual acts or practice a homosexual lifestyle. Flava Works CEO Phillip Bleicher stated, “I would love to have Spectacular do a spread. He would be the first male celebrity to do so. That would be history.”


THANK YOU to Vault Miami!

From the Desk of King in Miami
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This past week, I celebrated my 29th birthday on this giant, blue balloon, we call Earth. And it was definitely a memorable one, starting off with the Card and cocktail party at my home in Downtown Miami; and finishing off with an out-of-control party at the Vault. I wanted to send out a personal thank you to Vault Miami for hosting my "Sexy in White" Birthday Bash. The Vault pulled out all the stops with the first class VIP area and bottle service. The personal birthday serenade and cake. And what can I say about the strippers...OMG! Thanks to everyone who came out. Show the Vault some luv, and check them out on Saturdays. For more info on celebrating your next special occasion in style, check out their site, www.thevaultmiami.com

Check out my pics from my special day and night. From South Beach to Downtown Miami, we had everything on LOCK!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Keith Barbee: Apt 202 Interview

A few days ago i got the opportunity to sit down with good friend and author Keith Barbee for a one on one interview and the stylish entrepueaur let his hair down and we get inside of who is Mr. Keith Barbee. If you want to purchase his book you can go to www.keithbarbee.com I just finish reading his book which took me all of an day to read and I must say it will keep you on your toes with suspense, drama and a very surprise ending.

Homeless Woman's Death Outside Shelter Stirs Questions

Woman's Death Outside Shelter Stirs Questions

Friends Say She Was Rejected Because of AIDS Complications; City Disputes Account

By Petula Dvorak and Yamiche Alcindor
Washington Post Staff Writers
Thursday, June 18, 2009

Renee Paige died waiting.

She sat on the green, metal bench outside a D.C. homeless shelter last week, waiting for permanent housing, waiting for the bad spells of her full-blown AIDS to pass, waiting for the rain to stop and waiting for a spot in the shelter, her friends said.

She died in the evening June 7, sitting up on her bench outside the nonprofit Community for Creative Non-Violence, at Second and D streets NW.

Paige, 50, was buried yesterday after dozens of her friends and family members heard her eulogized at True Gospel Tabernacle Baptist Church in Southeast Washington. Many remembered her as a giving person who was a holiday bell ringer for the Salvation Army.

Keena Stewart, 52, met Paige 15 years ago while they lived in the same apartment complex. She said Paige often cooked up large pots of soup and invited neighbors to join her for dinner. For fun, Paige rearranged the furniture and danced around the living room to her favorite songs.

"She was used to having her own," Stewart said. Before her illness stopped her from working, Paige provided for herself and her two daughters, Tamisha and Ashley.

Eric Sheptock, an advocate for the homeless, said Paige's death should illustrate the problems facing the city's homeless. "She got failed by the system," he said.

Accounts varied of how she came to be outside a shelter the night she died.

"They kicked her out of the shelter. They put her out because she couldn't keep herself clean, her bowels and so forth, because of her AIDS," said Tamela Bowens, 46, a friend of Paige's who helped arrange a memorial service for Paige on June 8.

"Now that the pain is over, she's in a better place. She's warm now," one of the homeless women who shared a bench with Paige said at the makeshift service last week.

Another woman added: "And dry."

According to the data on shelter availability compiled nightly by the Community Partnership for the Prevention of Homelessness, the 100 beds available in emergency shelters for women were all filled the night of June 7, when Paige died.

But city officials said she wasn't kicked out of the shelter. "On this particular night, she just decided to sleep outside," said Mafara Hobson, spokeswoman for Mayor Adrian M. Fenty (D).

"Apparently, when the weather is nice, there is a drop in shelter check-ins."

But three weeks before she died, in Street Sense, the newspaper written primarily by homeless people about homeless issues, Paige said she had been without a place to stay even when the weather wasn't so nice.

"I was out in the rain last night. I have full blown AIDS. I just got out of the hospital," Paige told Street Sense, in a story about the city's spending on services for the homeless.

Her wolf calls of "Ahh-ooo" to passersby, the bits of food and furtive nips of drink she shared with her fellow sidewalk denizens, and her relentless thumbing through the popular self-help book "The Seat of the Soul" became a common sight at the corner, where she camped out, rain or shine, for weeks, friends said.

The interim deputy director of the shelter, Bernard Robinson, said he is "done talking about" Paige.

Robinson said he is frustrated that Paige's friends said she was turned away from the shelter because of her illness. "We have people with AIDS here right now," he said.

But he would not elaborate on the reasons Paige was sitting outside on a bench, with a canopy of several umbrellas and tarps covering her through the late spring's heaviest rains.

Paige was quite vocal about her medical condition and her frustration with not getting shelter when she spoke up at a community meeting in April about emergency shelters, said Mary Ann Luby, with the Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless.

She was hospitalized twice for pneumonia before her death, Luby said.

Last year, Stewart visited Paige in the hospital.

"I grabbed her and told her everything would be okay," she said.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Stone Street Festival Blows into Fort Lauderdale

From the Desk of King in Miami
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Fort Lauderdale gears up for it's annual Stonewall Street Festival this weekend. The festival runs from June 20-21. The street festival celebrates the infamous NYC clash between gay activists and police in Greenwich Village NYC which most agree, sparked the current gay rights movement. For more info, visit their website, www.stonewallstreetfestival.com

Maurice Jamal's "Friends & Lovers" Series Update

I have been a huge supporter of Maurice Jamal's and FINALLY the show that I have blogged bout for the last year is FINALLY coming to reality on a MAJOR CABLE NETWORK. Below is footage of a one on one session Maurice recently held after the screening for the series in Chicago. Blogger & friend Lonnell Williams was on hand for all the fun.

And below for those new to info on the series here the trailer

Police shoot man outside Twist nightclub

From the Desk of King in Miami
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Article courtesy of Miami Herald

A Miami Beach police officer shot an armed man early Sunday outside a popular gay nightclub, police said.

The incident occured about 4:30 a.m. at Club Twist at 12th Street and Washington Avenue, according to Officer Deborah Doty, a police spokeswoman. Police arrived at the club after receiving a call that there was an armed man inside, Doty said.

The man and a police officer were arguing when the officer shot the man, Doty said.

The man was airlifted to the Ryder Trauma Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital. His condition was not available Sunday night.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Anacostia The Web Series


“Every City Should Have Neighbors Like These”

From the Writer and Producer of the award winning Independent Film The Ties That Bind comes an independent web series like no other.

ANACOSTIA the series follows the lives of four friends as they navigate through Love, Deceit, Betrayal, Sex and Death with a season finally that will leave your mouths open. This 13 episode series will be filmed on location in several areas including Washington DC, Landover Maryland, Baltimore Maryland, Virginia and New York City.

This is a series like no other! If you want Drama…then Anacostia is the place for you!

The series stars Wil “Onix”Lash of VH1’s I Love New York and I Love Money 2, Kena Hodges, Tameika Chavis, Walter Maxfield Jones, Terrence Porter, Anthony Anderson, Pasha Diallo, Jermaine McNeil, Marion Akpan, Tia Dae and Kareem Pettaway.

Production begins on July 20th 2009 For more information or for Guest Starring Role consideration please contact: velocitymagazine@yahoo.com

Official Series Website: www.anacostia-thewebseries.com Launches July 1, 2009

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Gay Porn Burgular Twin Pleads Guilty

Courtesy of Rod 2.0
An update on the case of Keyontyli and Taleon Goffney, the troubled twin brothers who performed on popular black gay internet porn sites. In February 2008, the 27-year-old twins and their mother were arrested and charged in a multi-state crime spree. Taleon Goffney now pleads guilty to two robberies, reports the Philadelphia Daily News.
"Taleon Goffney, half of an alleged twin burglary duo who gained notoriety last year for their foray into the gay porn industry, pleaded guilty yesterday in Delaware County Court to two Wawa store rooftop burglaries. Goffney was sentenced to two to four years for burglarizing Wawas in Wallingford and Wayne by cutting rooftop holes to gain entry. He is expected to plead guilty in Philadelphia to similar burglaries with his brother, Keyontyli, on June 26."
The twins are suspected in as many as 45 rooftop burglaries in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware. The twins' mother, Towana Goffney, is accused of standing watch as her sons broke into the two stores. Taleon Goffney, said to be the more athletic of the crime duo, faces additional charges for previously escaping from a moving police cruiser after "breaking a window by hitting it with his head" and performing somersaults and scaling walls to elude officers."
The twin brothers who performed as Keyon and Teyon at popular black gay porn sites such as Blackmen.net (nsfw), EbonyD (nsfw) and Cocoboyz (nsfw). Keyontyli gained some success as a mainstream model in at least one national underwear campaign.

D.C. criticized for waiting list in AIDS housing program

D.C. criticized for waiting list in AIDS housing program

The national AIDS advocacy group Housing Works says the D.C. HIV/AIDS Administration has failed to take adequate steps to reduce a growing waiting list for people with AIDS who qualify for subsidized housing under a joint federal-D.C. government program.

Christine Campbell, Housing Works’ director of national advocacy and organizing, said the waiting list for people seeking housing assistance under the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development program Housing Opportunities for People With AIDS, or HOPWA, has jumped from about 250 to close to 400 during the past several months.

“We were told that substantial improvements would be made,” Campbell said, including an effort to streamline the processing of those eligible for the program. “To date, none of these improvements have been made.

”Dena Iverson, a spokesperson for the D.C. Department of Health, of which the HIV/AIDS Administration is a part, said about 800 people are currently receiving HOPWA assistance and another 400 are on a HAA waiting list.

“The Department of Health is committed to providing D.C. residents living with HIV the assistance they need to have stable and quality housing,” Iverson said. “Due to high demand for long-term federal housing assistance, all of the funds the District has received have been distributed to residents,” she said. “DOH maintains a waiting list so that we can determine the urgency of each resident’s housing need and connect those on the list with immediate support until funds for long term housing become available.

”U.S. Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) introduced a resolution in the House of Representatives on Tuesday expressing a “sense of Congress” that more funds be allocated for the HOPWA program, even though President Obama did not seek an increase in funding for the program in his fiscal year 2010 budget.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Author Keith Barbee:Apt 202

My good friend Author Keith Barbee debuts his 3rd book but its his first novel to the world this past sunday here in dc where he read excerpts from the book Apt 202. Stay tuned lata this week 4 the 1-on-1 interview with keith. For more info log on to www.keithbarbee.com.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


I had the opportunity to witness a committment ceremony during DC Black Gay Pride prior to their kick off event at their annual fashion show. Below is the ceremony. Wow Black Gay Love is suck a beautiful thing.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Exclusive Interview with Vault Miami

From the Desk of King in Miami
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Hey party people. I had an opportunity to sit down with co-owner of Vault Miami, Joe, and learn more about Miami's newest hot spot. We had a very interesting talk about Vault Miami and some of their future plans. Check out this exciting new lounge at www.thevaultmiami.com

King: Where are you originally from?
Joe: Belle Glade (The Muck). Yeah I said it and happy about it. Go google it. LOL

King: How did the opening of the Vault Miami come about?
Joe: It was just an idea a few years ago but my partners and I finally had a chance to make it happen. We searched around for a spot and finally found the one we wanted. It hasn't been an easy ride but we don't plan on getting off. As the famous Tim Gunn says, "Make It Work", and that is what we are doing. We came up with the name b/c there is an actual vault inside the spot and we are located in Miami. It wouldn't make any sense to call it anything other than The Vault Miami.

King: How would you describe the Vault? The decor'?
Joe: Its a party experience that vibes like a Soho club but with Miami flavor. The lighting and draperies really help that effect. From the moment you walk in the entrance, you can see how much work has been done. It is the kind of place where you feel like it could be your home away from home. It's not just a place to party, it is also a place to relax. It just depends on which event you are attending.

King: Why did the owners of the Vault Miami choose Downtown Miami as the location?
Joe: We were looking all over, but the best spot we found was in Downtown Miami. We are very happy we chose that spot b/c Downtown Miami is going to be crazy (in a good way) real quick. So many new things are being built there and I am sure more clubs will be popping up in the area soon.

King: What type of clientele are you catering to?
Joe: We are looking to feel the void of a mix crowd in downtown Miami. We want everyone to be able to come in and have a good time. Can't we all just get along? LOL

King: What makes the Vault different from other lounges in the area?
Joe: The main difference is the decor. I have not seen any other club like The Vault Miami and we are not even done yet. We still have more enhancements to do. So, if you haven't seen The Vault Miami, you are missing out. Also, the club was a bank before which is why there is a vault inside the club.

King: What are your future plans for the Vault? Any special events coming up?
Joe: We have a lot of things coming up. I don't want to give to much out b/c some of it is still in planning. One thing that is concrete is the fact that we will start opening on Sundays with guest hosts (Female Impersonators) entertaining the crowd. They do know how to put on a show and truthfully, its very interesting for me to watch. Also we will start doing Happy Hours in the day time. When downtown shuts down, The Vault Miami will open its doors. This is the time where you will feel relaxed, b/c there will be soft mellow music instead of the loud club music. The lights will be up and there will be more seating. There are a few more, but will keep you posted on them.

Thank you Joe and the Vault Miami for this exclusive interview with Andres Flava.

The Men of Drama Queenz

I had the pleasure of interviewing the Men of the youtube series Drama Queenz over the Memorial Weekend here in DC as they took part in DC Black Gay Pride. Get into the 2 part interview and get into the series http://www.youtube.com/NovoNovusProductions

Pt 1

Pt 2

Thursday, June 4, 2009

THE DIVA IS BACK! 9/1/09 Ms.Whitney Houston


(New York, NY – June 4, 2009)
Whitney Houston’s new album will be released worldwide September 1, 2009 on Arista Records. This is Whitney’s 7th studio album. Since her 1985 self-titled debut, she has built a distinguished career that has generated over 170 million combined worldwide sales of albums, singles and videos. Cited by the Guinness Book of World Records as music’s “most awarded female artist of all time,” with an unsurpassed tally of 411 awards, inclusive of 6 Grammy Awards, 2 Emmy Awards, 23 American Music Awards and 16 Billboard Music Awards…Houston remains a singular force in music today.

Basically, Whitney is the only person in the wortld who can burp and make everyone want to run out and buy the single. Never out done!

4 teens charged as adults in locker room sexual assault case

(CNN) -- Four teenage boys in Tampa, Florida, were charged as adults Wednesday on allegations of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old boy.

Lee Louis Myers, 14, from Tampa, Florida, is one of the defendants in the case.

1 of 3 Charged with four counts each of sexual battery were Randall John Moye, 14; Raymond A. Price-Murray, 14; Lee Louis Myers, 14; and Diamante J. Roberts, 15. CNN is naming the defendants because they were charged as adults.

Hillsborough County prosecutors allege the four boys raped the 13-year-old victim multiple times over two months with a broomstick and hockey stick.

At a bond and arraignment hearing, the defendants appeared before Hillsborough County Judge Wayne Timmerman to hear the counts against them read in court.

Prosecutor Kimberly Hindman described to the court how two defendants held down the victim while the other two defendants violently sodomized him with the sticks. "The victim screamed and cried, telling them to stop," Hindman said.

The prosecutor said the victim's screams could be heard outside the boys' locker room at Walker Middle School, in southern Tampa, where the allegedly assaults took place.

Multiple people witnessed the attacks, but no one reported the incidents, including the victim, Hindman said.

The school began an investigation after a fight that began on the football field and continued until a coach broke it up in the locker room, said the prosecutor. During the fight, the victim said, "I'm tired of them getting on me," Hindman said.

When school officials questioned the defendants, all four admitted in a written statement sexually assaulting the victim.

The defendants "all implicated themselves in a sexual-battery incident," Hindman said.

The victim did not acknowledge the attacks until questioned. School officials contacted authorities, who initially charged the four as minors with sexual assault and false imprisonment.

Several students witnessed the incidents over the two months, said the prosecutor, who added that she could not understand why no one reported the attacks.

The victim made a statement in court, telling the judge how his father was angry and his mother couldn't stop crying when they heard about the attacks.

Defense attorneys told the judge their clients were good students and had never been in trouble before. Attorney Tim Taylor, representing Randall Moye, said his client's family is among the finest in the community.

Taylor presented six character witnesses, including his client's mother, Jeanne Myers, who said her son wants to attend college. The prosecutor asked her about her son's written statement about the attacks. Myers said her son described clowning around in the locker room with a hockey stick. She added that he told her about holding down the victim for a few seconds.

The victim finished the academic year at home instead of returning to school, authorities said.

The judge set bond for each defendant at $15,000, with ankle monitors for all but one, who has left the area. The four boys were taken into custody in court and booked into the adult jail. The judge warned the four to have no contact with one another, the victim or any witnesses in the case.

The defendants could spend up to 120 years in prison if convicted on all four counts.

DC Own Wale ft Lady Gaga-Chillin

This is my summer anthem babe! LETS GO! DC's Own Wale teams up with Lady Gaga the "It" girl at the moment for the remix to this song. Get into the video

Gays Days in Orlando Starts With a BANG

From the desk of King in Miami
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Orlando's pride celebration "Gays Days" kicks off in Orlando this week with concerts, exhibits, and culminating with "Red shirts" in the Magic Kingdom on Saturday. Check out the many events on their website www.gaydays.com. The party runs from June 2 thru June 8.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

D.C. ministers back same-sex marriage

Courtesy of Washington Blade

D.C. ministers back same-sex marriage More than 130 sign ‘marriage equality’ declaration!

More than 130 clergy representing dozens of churches and at least two synagogues in the District of Columbia released a joint statement Tuesday expressing support for legalizing same-sex marriage in the city.

"We declare that our faith calls us to affirm marriage equality for loving same-sex couples," says the statement, which the signers call a "Declaration of Religious Support for Marriage Equality."
The declaration was released during a news conference at Covenant Baptist Church, a mostly black congregation in Ward 8, a section of the city that same-sex marriage opponents say would vote against a same-sex marriage law should it be placed on the ballot in a referendum.
Nearly 50 of the signatories to the declaration attended the news conference, standing at the pulpit behind the church's husband and wife pastors, Revs. Dennis and Christine Wiley.

"The black church and the black community have been characterized by some as being united in opposition to same-sex marriage," Christine Wiley said in reading a joint statement with her husband.

"This could not be further from the truth," she said. "Black people are not monolithic. We are diverse just like all other human beings."

Dennis Wiley added, "And because Covenant Baptist Church is a beloved community with a long history of celebrating the richness of our diversity, we have gathered here today to reaffirm, in the immortal words of the late Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., that 'injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.'"

Others speaking at the news conference in support of same-sex marriage were Rev. Louis Leon of St. John's Episcopal Church at Layfayette Square across from the White House, which is known as the Church of the Presidents; and Rev. Alton Pollard, dean of the Howard University School of Divinity.

Also speaking was Rev. Abena McCray of Unity Fellowship Church and Bishop Rainey Cheeks of Inner Light Ministries. Both have mostly black gay congregations.

At least four of the signatories to the declaration are ministers with the Washington National Cathedral, the nation's largest Episcopal church.

"One of God's greatest gifts to us is our human capacity to love one another," says the clergy members' joint declaration. "The ability of two people to enter into relationships and form families of love and care is one expression of this gift.

"We therefore affirm the right of loving same-gender couples to enter into such relationships on an equal basis with loving heterosexual couples."

The statement comes one week after Rev. Harry Jackson Jr., pastor of Hope Christian Church in Beltsville, Md., filed papers with the D.C. Board of Elections & Ethics calling for a citywide referendum to overturn a proposed city law that would recognize same-sex marriages from other jurisdictions.

The D.C. Council passed the law and Mayor Adrian Fenty signed it last month. The measure is undergoing a required review by Congress and is expected to take effect the first week in July if Congress takes no action to block it.

Jackson, who is a D.C. resident, and his supporters must obtain about 21,000 petition signatures before the congressional review period for the proposed law is completed in order to place the measure on the ballot for a referendum. Activists supporting same-sex marriage said they are hopeful that the signature gathering and other legal hurdles would be too great for Jackson to overcome.

When asked at Tuesday's news conference if they believe members of their respective congregations would support or oppose same-sex marriage in a voter referendum, none volunteered to offer an answer. Instead, some said they oppose holding such a referendum.
"I personally don't support the notion that it should be put to a referendum," Dennis Wiley said, "because I think the point is very clear that the rights of a minority should never be subject to a vote of the majority."

Barack Obama's proclamation for LGBT Pride Month

Forty years ago, patrons and supporters of the Stonewall Inn in New York City resisted police harassment that had become all too common for members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community.

Out of this resistance, the LGBT rights movement in America was born. During LGBT Pride Month, we commemorate the events of June 1969 and commit to achieving equal justice under law for LGBT Americans.

LGBT Americans have made, and continue to make, great and lasting contributions that continue to strengthen the fabric of American society. There are many well-respected LGBT leaders in all professional fields, including the arts and business communities. LGBT Americans also mobilised the Nation to respond to the domestic HIV/AIDS epidemic and have played a vital role in broadening this country's response to the HIV pandemic.

Due in no small part to the determination and dedication of the LGBT rights movement, more LGBT Americans are living their lives openly today than ever before. I am proud to be the first President to appoint openly LGBT candidates to Senate-confirmed positions in the first 100 days of an Administration. These individuals embody the best qualities we seek in public servants, and across my Administration - in both the White House and the Federal agencies –openly LGBT employees are doing their jobs with distinction and professionalism.
The LGBT rights movement has achieved great progress, but there is more work to be done. LGBT youth should feel safe to learn without the fear of harassment, and LGBT families and seniors should be allowed to live their lives with dignity and respect.

My Administration has partnered with the LGBT community to advance a wide range of initiatives. At the international level, I have joined efforts at the United Nations to decriminalize homosexuality around the world. Here at home, I continue to support measures to bring the full spectrum of equal rights to LGBT Americans. These measures include enhancing hate crimes laws, supporting civil unions and Federal rights for LGBT couples, outlawing discrimination in the workplace, ensuring adoption rights, and ending the existing "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy in a way that strengthens our Armed Forces and our national security. We must also commit ourselves to fighting the HIV/AIDS epidemic by both reducing the number of HIV infections and providing care and support services to people living with HIV/AIDS across the United States.

These issues affect not only the LGBT community, but also our entire Nation. As long as the promise of equality for all remains unfulfilled, all Americans are affected. If we can work together to advance the principles upon which our Nation was founded, every American will benefit. During LGBT Pride Month, I call upon the LGBT community, the Congress, and the American people to work together to promote equal rights for all, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim June 2009 as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month. I call upon the people of the United States to turn back discrimination and prejudice everywhere it exists.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this first day of June, in the year of our Lord two thousand nine, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and thirty-third.


Drama Dupree response to MTV stunt gone wrong???

Drama Dupree who we all love and adore did a response video to the madness with Eminem and Bruno and his video catch the attention of CNN. here the CNN link http://www.cnn.com/video/?/video/offbeat/2009/06/01/moos.butt.stunt.cnn