Friday, June 19, 2009

FlavaMen Magazine Offers Pretty Ricky's Spectacular 100k to pose NUDE!


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Even 'Straight' Men can pose for FlavaMen magazine

MIAMI (June 12, 2009) – Flava Men Magazine, produced and distributed by parent company, Flava Works has officially made an offer to R&B sensation group’s Pretty Ricky’s Spectacular to pose nude in the magazine’s next issue. The company has secured and confirmed private investors to provide him with $100,000 in compensation for a photo spread featuring him as the magazine’s cover model. Spectacular, a member of the quartet Pretty Ricky based out of Miami, Florida has generated a great amount of buzz online and offline within recent weeks.

In creating anticipation for the group’s upcoming single, Tipsy, Spectacular posted a video on YouTube of himself dancing erotically to the song while wearing red bikini briefs. Shortly after, controversy and rumors of his sexuality surfaced due to him stating that the video is “strictly for the ladies” all while challenging other male entertainers. Some have loved the video while others have criticized him for his moves and view them as feminine in dancing style. In the YouTube video Spectacular calls out Trey Songz, Day26, Chris Brown and Omarion to a grinding competition. He even mentions Bow Wow who does not grind and is a rap artist. In response to the criticism, Spectacular posts a similar video addressing to the first video that “if you don’t watch it, you won’t have any comment” and reinforces that it was made “strictly for the ladies.” In this video, he chooses to wear black boxer briefs and makes an attempt to dance in a more masculine manner with a black folding chair. He has defended his sexuality and has appeared on a radio talk show and said firmly, “I ain’t gay.”

Flava Men magazine made the offer due to the company believing that even straight men can pose for Flava Men magazine. The magazine’s target audience is gay ethnic men of color but many of its models do not engage in sexual acts or practice a homosexual lifestyle. Flava Works CEO Phillip Bleicher stated, “I would love to have Spectacular do a spread. He would be the first male celebrity to do so. That would be history.”


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