Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bleu Magazine Fucks Up Royally with Brandy Fiasco

Wow Wow Wow what can i say Bleu Magazine and the Hot Boyz Shitted on the Black Gay community last night where they had been advertising for weeks that Brandy would be performing for PRIDE there words as you can see above says BRANDY LIVE they can down play and reword it if they want but the "kids" came out in droves to see a BRANDY performance and got ROBBED point blank.

This is the TRUE story Bleu Magazine and Hot Boyz promoters contacted Brandy reps for her to do a "Walk Thru" and not a performance. Brandy had been in NYC all week along with Kelly Rowland since Sunday for reasons i can not disclose at the moment. Most celebs if they are performing someone will at least talk about it,Brandy did not at all talk about her performance leading up to her arrival at Promedance Night Club she in fact went to a comedy event prior to coming so i knew something wasnt right then. But i was told 2 weeks ago from a Brandy's camp official that this was a "walk thru" and when I told them that it was being advertised differently they confirmed to me that was not the case only a walk thru.

Why would u deceived the people who support you thru and thru. You knew damn well Brandy was not performing weeks ago but you allowed people to pay crazy prices to enter your small ass club and FUCK them. I honestly think it was a ploy to compete with KK party where they were having Electric Red so u wanted to steal their thunder.

This is what Brandy said Via her Twitter
If they said that I was performing, I apologize.. that never was the deal or the plan:( thank you so much for the love though.

Here is the reaction of one person who went to the event
We should stop supporting a club or venus that does us that way!!!! This kind of shyt doesn't happen to WHITE venues - only BLACK!!
about 17 hours ago from TwitterFon

We paid all that $ but got the same thing as everyone else …NOTHING!! @4everbrady it's not ur fault - the club carried us. WE STILL luv u.
about 18 hours ago from TwitterFon

We paid for VIP and was promised not to stand in line and still had to. They said we would meet her if we did VIP …NOT!!!
about 18 hours ago from TwitterFon
Ok tonight was a Fukin rip off. NEVER AGAIN! I am not blaming @4everbrandy but everyone thought she was going to perform NOTTT!!!!!


KingNmiami said...

A mess true and true...then promoters and organizers want to get an attitude when you talk about their events and how they mistreat our black community. Again another example how greed is ruining pride. I guess this year will be no different from year's past; Pride season is off to a rocky start.

Unknown said...

I'm sure I wouldnt have worried about Brandy performing if I was in NYC. Hell I would still party my ass off!

Unknown said...

Get ready for some off-the-chain club prices at Chicago's Black Pride next weekend and Atlanta's Black Pride in September.

Chicago's BLACK GAY clubs are gonna be so expensive,prices are not listed on most of the flyers. Thats a bad sign. No performances,just high prices.

Just hang outside the clubs. Its a lot cheaper.

Unknown said...

I don't know about that Jamar.

New York City aint like it used to be.

Not as many black gay clubs like back in the day. The ones still left are a mess.