Thursday, June 25, 2009

Breaking News: Michael Jackson dead at 50!

Just speechless is all i can say. Words cant express the sadness i am feeling right now. The glove one is gone and i feel like my heart has jumped out of my body THE ICON is indeed dead.

I have a more detailed report when i get my composure. THIS SHIT HURTS BAD

Michal Jackson DEAD at 50 1958-2009


Erika said...

I just wanted to say that my heart is
In so much pain. I can't even put it into
Words. This is the first article I read
and I'd like to thank you for putting into
Words a small part of what I feel "That
Shit Hurts" RIP my King ....

Unknown said...

Its pretty sad. I hear there were tons of people surrounding the hospital.

Vonni Media Mogul - Javonni Brustow said...

That was truely a sad day for music as a whole. Not only pop music but history. Michael Jackson was known by all and was an inspiration for so many. He may have beenbridiculed but was respected for his work. He wasn't the only celebrity death this week but look at the impact he caused. He will truely be missed.