Sunday, July 24, 2016

How to Kick Love Out by D. Rashad Battle

Seven Toussaint doesn't believe in love anymore. At least that's what he tells himself over and over again until he believes it. Then he meets Jacques De Costa in the most peculiar way at a gathering one evening. As Seven and Jacques' love blossoms, Seven realizes that the secret that he keeps from potential lovers could be the reason why all of his past relationships have failed. Not only does Seven have to decide whether this love is for him, but his brother, Peter, who is fresh out of prison, moves in with him, causing more ruckus in his life 

What happens when two people fall in love and one of them has a past they can't seem to let go of?

The book by Mr. Battle will be out later this week and the author's second book, his first book " Tattooed Teardrop" which came out in the fall of last year. Kudos dominic on your upcoming second release of your new book.