Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Gin Game Play 11/10/15

Pulitzer Prize-winning dramas, D.L. Coburn's popular 1976 two-hander about a pair of retirement home residents who banter and bitch away the hours at a card table is so slight it might almost evaporate as it's unfolding. But it would be churlish to be ungrateful for any play that provides the opportunity to admire wily old pros James Earl Jones and Cicely Tyson as they spark off one another, and to bask in their highly infectious rapport. Hats off to any actors who can manage seven performances a week at the respective ages of 84 and 90, but the co-stars of The Gin Game are doing it with such verve that the insubstantiality of the vehicle hardly matters.    

Jones and Tyson, who last appeared together on Broadway in 1966 and it was an honor to watch them for 2 hrs as I was throughly entertained and laughed the entire 2 hrs at how  marvously these 2 played off each other and jelled perfectly if you are coming to the New York City area between now and January 10 please make your way to the Golden Theatre for a night  of broadway and best believe you won't be disappointed and definely will get your money worth because with these two legends on stage you have no choice but to watch in awe as they put on a master class right in front of you.