Thursday, February 19, 2009

the Vault - Adds Another Club to the Miami Scene

From the Desk of King D in Miami

Yes, maam! This is ya boi King D in Miami. I must apologize for my absence from the blog. As you know with the economy, a new Black president, and the everyday "goings-on" in Miami, things have been beyond hectic in South Florida. And it appears it's not going to be calm anytime soon with Sizzle in a couple of months; the Winter Party next week; Miami Fashion Week early in March; Spring Breakers arriving to the city every week by the plane loads and the must-do event of the year, the Winter Music Conference 2009. I am ready to enjoy the rest of the Winter and Spring here in Miami. They don't call us the Magic City for nothing. And I will definitely keep you up to speed on all the haps in Miami and South Florida.

And it appears we have a newcomer to the scene. The Vault- Miami's newest club for the alternative lifestyle has "sprung" up in Downtown Miami. Deja Vu, right? Didnt we have another club- rise and fall - in Downtown Miami? You guys do remember Dwight Powell's crash and burn club experiment, Club Sprung. Time will tell, if the Vault will be able to survive not only the battered economy, but also Miami's extremely competitive club scene. Maybe, if the Vault does extremely well, it can dethrone Club Boi, as the premier party spot before Memorial Day weekend kicks off. Kind of risky though to open a club in these turbulent times. But only the strong survive right?

I will have my official review of the club over the weekend. You know they can't get my seal of approval until I been there and see what the fuss is about.

Fridays, you can check out the Vault at located at 145 N. Miami Ave in Downtown Miami. Free before 12am, $10 after. (Kudos, you guys are cheaper than Club Boi, you already have some Brownie points from me!)

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