Thursday, February 5, 2009

25 completely random things about me

The Rules: Once you’ve read this you are supposed to comment with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people with whom to share this link. I am sharing this with you because I want to know more about you. This was all started on facebook and has catched on so below i will list 25 random stuff about me that alot people might not know.

1. I was born 2lbs and 2oz at birth.

2. I sleep under a blanket fully clothed no matter the season.

3. Porn does absolutely nothing to stimulate me.

4. I am a freak sexually.

5. I sometimes come off as being the strong person but deep down i am afraid sometimes.

6. I love pasta.

7. My favorite Cartoon person is Winnie the Pooh, i dont know why thou.

8. I have been in 2 serious long term relationships in my lifetime.

9. I am attracted to light-skinned men more than any other shade of color

10. I think i want a tattoo soon but dnt know of what. i am afraid of pain.

11. I am a hopeless romantic.

12. I have been homeless before never on the street but stayed in a shelter for a short spell

13. I love all things LAW & ORDER i can watch it all day

14. Alot of people come to me with their issues.

15. i love facebook and myspace.

16. I miss south florida my home sometimes.

17. I am a big cartoon junkie.

18. I try to eat healthy and not into junk food.

19. I drink hot chocolate like people drink coffee.

20. I love to blog, been blogging since 2005 thanks to Frank Roberts

21. I sometimes wonder where are the black gay leaders, do we still have any?

22. My zodiac sign the Cancer fits me too the point.

23. I would love to have kids soon.

24. I am a news junkie.

25. I use to freelane for the Miami Herald as a High School Sports Writer

1 comment:

dcmoreno said...

This was cute. *hug*
-#3&4 seem to conflict LOL!
-#7 Now I know what to get you for a gift.
-#10 If you're afraid of pain or have a low threshold for it, I'd advise you not to get one. Unless you're passed out drunk and a friend gives you one..LOL! And I know you don't like to drink.
-#13 L&O is the best, especially the old episodes.
-#15 MySpace sucks. It's cluttered with advertisement and just junk all over the page. I'm hooked on Facebook tho.
-#18 Come on now babe, you know you are a picky eater anyway ;-)
-#21 The community is just as lost and separated like the current republican party. Once we take our focus off superficial things (clubbing, hooking up, making pride events into social party gatherings) only then can we all get together and make change.

Luv ya!