Monday, November 17, 2008

In The News

Pro 8 Protest in DC this past saturday. Thanks 2 Justin B Smith 4 the video

Wanda Sykes Comes out Officially as a Lesbian

Kudos to Ms. Wanda Sykes for officially coming out hopefully this will open the doors for other "Suspect" LGBT African American celebrities.

"Mike" From LOGO's "Shirts & Skins joins ABA

Thanks Rod 2.0 for the info

Mike Survillon, the abtastic narrator and one of the co-stars of Logo’s gay-basketball reality series Shirts & Skins, will reportedly play professional basketball. Outsports reports the newly-out player "received an offer from the ABA’s San Francisco Rumble",which played the gay amateur Rock Dogs team in the first episode of the series.

Survillon becomes "the second openly gay male professional basketball player" in the United States. The first was Survillion’s Rock Dogs teammate, DeMarco Majors, who played on "the ABA’s Hawaii team even while he was training for the Gay Games" where he won gold. Clik magazine profiled Demarco's ABA career.

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The Doc said...

This is so exciting for him. My hubby just looked up the ABA and their Championship will be in Nashville this year....we are going! Thanks for posting.