Thursday, September 4, 2008

Second Half of Pride in “A”…..Things got a little bit crazy!

From the Desk of King D in Miami

Aiight…aiight…so where did I leave off…..oh, we are on Saturday of Black Pride in Atlanta. Saturday was a very busy day. It seems everyone had arrived to the “A” by now; the boys for Pride Weekend, the DragonCon folks, and also the Clemson and Alabama fans who came to watch the game. ROLL TIDE! I got a rude awakening from them on Saturday morning, while EPSN Game was being televised in Olympic Park. I was on the 54th floor of the Westin and them B’s were loud. So I decided to get up and head to my favorite spot in Atlanta, Six Flags Over Georgia. It was relatively empty but I had a great time. You have to check it out, when you are in the “A” and check out their new roller coaster Goliath. It will put yo balls in your throat, with that first drop. Quite a few of the family were there. Wassup to the hot “lipstick” lesbians from Memphis, ya’ll had me crackin’ up in line.

After the park I headed back to hotel to put on my face to go stand around the mall at Lenox. The best thing about this mall is not all the punks you see, not buying a thing, just gawking at each other, but the expression of the straight people after seeing all the sissies in one place. A couple of years ago, I once saw a extremely handsome straight man walk into the mall, his eyes get BIG, and instantly did a B-line to the door. It is very shocking to see, if you have never seen a lot of gay people in one place. I am sorry I didn’t have a chance to take pictures, but take my word for it, it was a giant fashion show and a sight to see. Saturday night was 708. Everyone has heard of 708, so I won’t elaborate. Check out my pictures. They were taken kind of early in the evening. Keep in mind this club gets pack, drinks are not that expensive, and you’ll love the eye candy.

Sunday….the last day in the “A”. After a long night with my friends…Sunday is reserved for the park. I arrived to the park around 4pm and all I can say is “WOW”! I have been to Piedmont Park many of times during Prides in the past. This one was not much different, a lot of boys in the park, different shapes and sizes. You have there girls who were nothing but bikini underwear to the park. You have the girls who wear pink pumps and it is just a mess. You have the different drill teams from the South, Memphis, Bama, etc doing their thing. The dudes selling alcohol out of coolers for $5 (what a bargain). Mostly people just stand around, walk around the lake, take pictures, and talk. It was a great Sunday never the less, and a great end to the weekend.

My final thoughts….Atlanta was Atlanta this year……but it was a little different than years past for me. After several disastrous Prides this year, I left Atlanta feeling fuzzy inside. Quite a few promoters in Miami, NYC, Los Angeles, Seattle, and DC, have quite a bit to learn about throwing a successful Pride event. Atlanta should be their model to having a successful event, large crowds, and everyone being a happy camper. It is sad to read in local papers across the country, numerous blogs, and websites, about organizers taking advantage of public funds, accusations of unethical conduct, and the eventual cancellations of events/Prides which could really benefit our community. A lot of first timers to Prides, would not usually have access to HIV/AIDS Prevention and Education materials, unlimited supply of condoms, the opportunity to take a HIV test, or be able to fellowship with the “family” and express themselves for a few short days and be “themselves”. That is what Pride is about and this year 2008, I think some of us lost sight of that. Okay I am done preaching, but thanks Atlanta for restoring my faith in Black Prides for the next coming year 2009. There are a few more Prides left in the year, so lets step up and make sure we are living up to the true meaning of “Pride”

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