Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Black Pride Weekend in the “A”…Left me feeling all fuzzy inside!

From the Desk of King D in Miami

I have been attending Black Pride in Atlanta for the past 10 years, so I know what to expect, where to go, where not to go, etc, etc, etc. This Atlanta trip was a little different for me. Considering all the disastrous prides of the summer, from over-priced Sizzle in Miami to the cancellation of Pride in the City in Brooklyn; I was a little bit skeptical of what to expect this time around. But I have to say as I boarded my plane for home in Miami this past Monday, I couldn’t help but to smile. Atlanta left feeling all fuzzy inside. My weekend started off on Thursday in Atlanta-Hartsfield airport which I knew would set the tone for the weekend. And all I can say is DAMN, as I retrieved my luggage from the Delta carousel in the South Terminal. The boys, or should I say MEN were out in full force; big ones, tall ones, skinny ones, muscle ones, all in different shapes and sizes. Now this is what Pride should be about, I thought to myself. Hi!, to the sexy boy from Pittsburgh, sorry we were not able catch up during the weekend. I still have your number though!

I settled into the Westin hotel, which was full of the homosexual persuasion, which was great. During Pride weekend, there were also other events happening such as DragonCon, a fantasy lovers convention, and Clemson-Alabama fans were also in house. There looked a little puzzled by all the half dressed dudes and females wearing next to nothing. You know how we do it! Thursday night was a little interesting. Myself and a few other friends, got the night started off early ,because we knew the lines would be long. I headed to the legendary Bulldogs on Peachtree St. The line was not too terribly long when we arrived. But when we left the line was down the block, with even more people in the adjacent parking lot. Check out the pictures and you will see what I mean. Believe it or not, this was my first time actually inside Bulldogs; usually I would hang outside like everyone else. To my amazement the cover was only $5 (Dwight Powell, could learn from this) Only thing I can complain about was that is was extremely hot in the club. Ya’ll know a lot of black people make a lot of heat. But the music was good, the fellas were sexy and the crowd was an older crowd, no prancing queens anywhere. So it fit me well. They even had Obama’s speech playing on the patio for those who wanted to check it out.

That was not the only club we went too Thursday night. We also went to the Rooftop party at the Super 8. And honey all I can say is HOT BOX. That was my, my friends, the guys standing next to my friends’ chief complaint. I was drenched in sweat by the time we left and I wasn’t even dancing. Luckily they had a patio overlooking the Atlanta skyline, which was great, and allowed for some relief from the sauna that was taking place inside. Music was good, and for the life of me, the happiest moment of the night is when they told me free cocktails. I was as happy as a lark. And drunk as a skunk. Again, Dwight Powell could learn from this. Even though I was sweatier than a 5k runner, I had a good time regardless. If the boys would have taken off any more clothes in the spot, we would have been at a sex party. Opps, did I say that!

Friday was the norm for me. I strolled through Lenox to pick up a few items and I just chilled out. More people had arrived to the Westin, the Renaissance and the “W”. Familiar faces, some not familiar, but a lot of HOT fellas. The eye candy was enough to make anyone’s mouth water. Oh, let me give a shout out to James from Las Vegas, boy you were sexy. Call me!

Friday night was another fun night. It was at a Club Trademark, formerly the Palace, for you old schoolers. I have always like this club, but I am not too fond of the area. Gives you that Club Boi feel in Miami. But there had 3 levels, admission was $20, which was expected. We arrived early to catch the drag show which was okay. But around 11pm, the club went from about 200 people to about 2500 people in a matter for a couple of hours. It was PACKED. You couldn’t even snap your fingers in the air without hitting someone. It was really a mess. The music was good, but it was extremely crowded and again hot like a sauna. I don’t know why Black clubs can’t invest in a quality air-conditioning unit but whatever. I had a great time regardless, drink were somewhat reasonable, so no complaints. Day Two of Black Pride Atlanta going off without a hitch. Okay, next blog entry I will tell you about Saturday and Sunday…and if you can’t tell from the pictures, HONEY, it was a sure-fire mess (but in a good way)….hit ya’ll up soon!

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Xem VanAdams said...

I didnt make it to the Pride Festivities. HOWEVER, You have DEFINITELY Made Me FEEL as IF i was there.

Ive been to Pride Events across the Country in my years on the Circuit, So I can CLEARLY SEE that I didnt miss ANYTHING that I havent Xperienced before.

Im So GLAD that you ENJOYED Yourself Bro.