Saturday, September 27, 2008

missing love

missing love.

The romance that comes with it all. The smiles of getting a text saying "I miss you." Those late night calls that last till 5 in the morning. You coming by just to make sure I'm ok. Giving me a present just for the heck of it. Waiting to have sex because you respect me. Picking me up so we can get a bite to eat. A walk in the park just to talk. Sneaking a kiss when my friends arn't looking. Holding hands in the movie theatre. Realizing we have something in common. Cracking up at something funny. Remembering the date time and second we first met. Saying something inspiring. Taking me back after I did something stupid. Being there when I need a shoulder to cry on. Washing the dishes because you know how much I hate it. Kissing my hand. Holding the door. Rubbing my feet. sigh...

I think blogger ShawnQt was thinkin what has been on my mind alot lately

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