Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The House of Evisu Ball Sun Oct 5th N DC

Sticky & Sweet Mini Ball: @ MAGNUM XL SUNDAYS -OCT 5TH



Sticky & Sweet Mini Ball Catagories:

OTA Face: (easy and breezy)
We love to see a pretty face. Tonight is your chance to enhance! Bring us a [clean] and delicious look...and don't be afraid to paint ;)

BQ Realness:
THUGS- (thugs eat candy too)
Even the most thuggish boy must satisfy his sweet tooth. Let's see how you keep up appearances...with a [Blow-Pop] in your mouth...
SCHOOLBOYS- (fundraiser)
How convincing can you be?? Who will sell the most [candy] for your neighborhood basketball team??
PRETTYBOYS- (sugar daddy)
The Candyshop wants you in a FRESH white T, jeans, and a [colored] fitted. Seduce the sugar freaks eating twizzlers...or any other treats.

Virgin Vogue: (peppermint sticks)
So you're the new bitch in the candy shop. Rather you're dramatic or us that sweet, sticky, and virgin puss... covered in [RED and WHITE].

RWT: (hard candy) $$
We like to see boys be boys. So after you get your 10's for realness...keep your boys clothes on to destroy...

Female Figure Runway: (lady marmalade) $$
Where is that SEXY and CONFIDENT [candy girl] the world is ready to see?? Use [sex] and [fishnets] to help you decree.

Female Figure Performance: (cotton candy) $50
In a pink top and jeans, give us a [fun] and [vibrant] performance and let these ho's know you're the one to beat.

Drags vs.

Fem Queen Realness: (no preservatives)
You're [pure] and that's a fact. Now get on the mic and tell us what kinda candy you'd be...and [why] how's that!

BQ Sex Siren: (honey fetish) $50
You're the sexiest treat in your tight [colored] briefs. Let's see your hottest and oh so tastiest body parts tonight...covered in [honey] please.

All American Runway: (gingerbread man)
You're always looking so tasty and [neat]. A bright colored [bowtie] and [masculine] walk is all you need to ensure defeat.

BQ European Runway: (chocolate delight) $100
So many pleasures of cocoa's delight...sometimes it can be boring to be fruity and bright. Create a look that's sweet and delish but toned down...using the colors [gold...white/cream...tan, and chocolate brown.] (you may use these colors all any combination, but no less that 2 of the colors)

BQ Performance: (taste the rainbow) $150
Wearing all bright colors and no black...bring a perfect performance to seal your attack! Let's see you [use] all the elements, and just for kicks...let's have a little fun, pull out your favorite [colored] wig.

Get That Bitch: (sugar rush)
You've been waiting this get that bitch. Call out your opponent and take it to the back...

Marcus Evisu: 202-758-9048
Kenny Evisu: 908-966-6139

Club Avenue
649 New York Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20001

Doors Open at 10pm
Ball Starts at 11pm SHARP
$15 all night.

(we're not playing. we will finish this ball!!! please get there ready to have a good time... ON TIME! ;)

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