Friday, September 5, 2008

Random Topics: Speaking My Mind

Hey whats up people justtook the time to actual speak on my blog about things thats been goin on in my head as of late and is something i think i will do alot more. I guess thats why its called blogging. And as also i will continue to talk more about whateva goin on in society as well as promote the hottest parties and films, and any other relevant topics.A quick shout out to "Ms. Denna Jones" my best friend for the last 8 years, Happy Belated Bday. love you gurl.

--Florida Classic Invasion Weekend in Orlando,Fl Nov 21-23 presented by and i have had the privaledge of being there from the beginning in 2006 and this year babe when i say it will be BIGGER & BETTER make sure your ass in Orlando. I guess i should do a brief history of the weekend for those who arent familiar with it. Florida Classic Weekend is a BIG HBCU Football weekend between Florida Agricultrical & Mechnical University(FAMU Rattlers) & Bethume Cookman University (BCU Wildcats)its one of the craziest weekend. Below are pics from 06 & 07.



Part 2 of 2007

Part 3

part 4

--Has anyone been watchin " I want to Work for Diddy" i am not a big reality buff but i love i missed the last 2 episodes which i have to watch sometime this weekend. Also have to watch ANTM even though i have never gotten into it and the only reason i am is due to Isis the transgender who is from Prince Georges County, Maryland.

--Um i think i want my EX back even though he would love and want that. I have also made it a rule never to go back with an ex because i feel as if it would be goin backwards and not forward. Obvisiously people are exs for various reasons so i dont know what the hell to do. should i break a promise to myself due to the fact that deep down someway i know it was meant to be and maybe he actually really was the "1". The one i was ashamed to tell my best friend about because i didnt want to hear the truth from him and is in part due to why we havent spoken in a year.

--Wow i have never been so open before on the blog about my personal life, i kinda see why people blog i guess it can be thearpy, but then i always said i lived a boring life and who want to here about my life.I guess i fear so much about what people will think and say if i open up and let people in. Hey i am a cancer its my nature to be closed but i am tryin my best to let people in. I crave to be loved and i have been loved by people and i allow my actions to get the best of me and not allow myself to love back fully cause i was in my shell and didnt want to feel vulerable. not to say i never loved the people i have been wit, i truly have but i will admit i did alot of hurtful things to do. My life has truly been a rollercoaster most of the things that have gone on wit me is to a degree at my own doing lookin back on life, and other times i allowed to be naive,used and abused. But enough for now i will share more next week.

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