Friday, September 19, 2008

A Chance of a Lifetime..An Opportuntiy to See Barack Obama

From the Desk of King D in Miami

Earlier this week, as a Barack Obama supporter, I recieved a special invitation to attend a Women's Rally in Miami this morning. This was an invitation I couldn't refuse, an opportunity to see the next President of the United States. I thought I was doing good by getting there an hour early before the doors were to open and I guess alot of people had the same idea. The line strected for several blocks from the Bank United Center to see Obama at my old alma mater, the University of Miami. It was a typical tropical morning, hot and humid, but everyone was so excited to see Obama, you could have cared less about the sweat running down our faces.

The videos kind of say it all. Myself and about 7,000 other women and men, young and old, cheered, danced and applauded Obama during this event. McCain better be worried. Polls don't always say it all. Finally, Obama is pulling ahead this week after a Republican Convention bounce. The electricity in the arena was so catagious, you couldn't help but be excited about this Presidential candidate and you wanted others to be excited as well. Nothing but smiles around!

Let's go Obama and to everyone else, it's our responsibility to get out there and VOTE!

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