Tuesday, September 2, 2008

2008 Atlanta Black Gay Pride Weekend pt.1

As i started on friday i would have extensive coverage of 2008 Atlanta Black Gay Pride. I had several correspondents in the "A" all weekend and they covered various events for me due to me not being able to attend personally. So all week long we will be sharing with you the videos, pics and stories of what all happened in the "A". Also check out my other media partners Tron of Whatsthet http://www.whatsthet.com/ as well as Darian Aaron of http://www.loldarian.com/ as they covered the weekend as well. Below is video from my boy Anthony Antonie video coverage at Traxx Atlanta covering Danity Kane as they sing there hit "Damaged"

Below are pics from Piedmont Park on Sunday Aug 31 courtesy of Moe out in Jersey

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