Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tracey Edmonds to Produce Film Version of 'Invisible Life'

Just in: Earlier today producer Proteus Spann was on the Da Doo-Dirty Show with Host DJ Baker and he announced that people who are interested in being apart of the film adaptation of the movie to send your resume, A picture of yourself and bio 2 proteus@INVISIBLELIFE.ORG below is the story from The Root on Tracey Edmonds and Proteus Spann will be producing the movie.

Courtesy of the http://www.root.com/

Those of you missing the work of the late novelist E. Lynn Harris have another way to connect with him. Tracey Edmonds of Edmonds Entertainment, and Proteus Spann of Proteus E2 Productions, have structured a multipicture deal to develop the extensive library of novels by New York Times best-selling author E. Lynn Harris into feature films.

The first production in this overall creative development deal will be E. Lynn Harris' blockbuster first novel, Invisible Life, which will be jointly produced by Edmonds Entertainment and Proteus E2 with Shelia Ducksworth, Glendon Palmer and Javon Johnson as co-producers. Screenwriter Ted Witcher (Love Jones) has been brought on to adapt the novel for the big screen.

Harris passed away two years ago but had already brokered this deal before his untimely death. Shortly after closing the deal over dinner in Hollywood, Harris died from a heart attack in his hotel room. Harris authored 10 consecutive New York Times best-seller books, and Invisible Life sold more than 1 million copies and is still in print 15 years after publication. Harris' novels were wildly popular for bringing issues like "down-low" behavior to the forefront and engaging discussions about sexuality.

Edmonds says about Harris, "E. Lynn Harris entrusted Proteus and myself with his dream of seeing his books translated into film. After his tragic passing, we are even more determined to see his dream become a reality. With his first blockbuster novel, Invisible Life, we begin the journey that millions of his fans have traveled."

Spann adds, "My dear friend E. Lynn was a man with an unshakable spirit and an unbreakable passion to inspire and change lives. He entrusted with me his vision and the responsibility to produce this American coming-of-age love story accurately through the lens of sensitivity in which it was originally created. This project is a must for his millions of fans. Because if we were all honest, we would acknowledge that we all live a portion of our lives 'invisible.' "

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