Tuesday, June 28, 2011

1 on 1 with Darian Aaron (Video Interview)

Last month I was able to sit down with blogger and friend Darian Aaron who last time we actually sat down he was interviewing me 3 years ago and now it was my turn to inteview him. So get into our interview where we talk about a range of subjects but the main purpose of this interview is to talk about his book that was releaesed a few weeks ago entitled "When Love Takes Over: A Celebration of SGL Couples of Color"
in this book Darian exclusively profile eighteen African- American gay couples who are in committed long term relationships. The couples detail how they met, their journey towards self-acceptance, liberation and ultimately how they fell in love and maintain their relationships. All the while defying the myth that two black men are incapable of loving each other for a lifetime. You can purchase the book online through http://www.amazon.com/

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