Friday, June 17, 2011

Coming Soon: Stripped TV Show--- New Black Gay Series

From Left to Right- Dre Jimerson as Kobe, Aaron Quentin Kyle as Bomani, Hank Watts as Dorian, Shanice Wills as Shanice, Kenyon O'Brien as Brooklyn, Eduardo Fitzhugh as Miguel, Michael Knowles as Taylor.
Stripped is an urban based provocative and edgy drama revolving around four attractive men working as male go-go dancers in a Manhattan gay strip club who also happen to share a brownstone with a beautiful transgender female while struggling to co-exist and get ahead in life by any means necessary.
The show is Written and Directed By: Dre Jimerson and Dylan Bank- Videography: Dylan Bank
Below are a few promo shots from the upcoming show so stay tuned as a trailer and more info on the show is released.

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