Monday, June 6, 2011

New Web Series on Homeless LGBT Youth in NYC: FADE IN - Ep. 1 - Peace

Shout out to the good folks over at Novo Novus Productions the folks that brought you Drama Queenz the longest running Black LGBT webseries on the net brings you an amazing and new look into the homeless crisis here in NYC. NYC homeless LGBT rate is staggering high in this over populated city where dreams can be made into reality as well as dreams can also be deferred. Kudos to Dane,Kristen, and Troy for stepping out the box to bring to use this great new series. I intoduce you guys to "Fade In".

Whether it be internal or external, finding "peace" is an eternal struggle made only more complicated by one's identity and circumstance at any given time. How do we move beyond chaos to get to calm? FADE IN on Remy & Jordan for a few moments of clarity in the cloud of confusion that is work, that is relationships, that is life.
For more information on FADE IN, visit or subscribe to the Novo Novus Productions channel on YouTube. For more information on MCCNY/Sylvia's Place or to donate to aid homeless LGBTQ youth, visit

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Thanks so much for your support, Andre! It means a lot!