Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Official Noah's Arc Update: There will be NO 3rd Season;Spin-off likely

The last 24 hrs have seen alot of spculation and drama going on with Noah's Arc fans when the star of  Noah's Arc the show Darryl Stephens took to his personal facebook page to finally address the rumors and speculation of an slight possiblity that the show would indeed come back for a 3rd season on LOGO. Darryl had this to say on this past Monday; "Noah's Arc is over, y'all. There is no third season. (I've been getting lots of questions about that lately, so I figured I would address it one more time.) Go on about your business." and with this status update sparked alot of resentment from hardcore NA fans who were indeeda holding on to a little bit of hope for a 3rd season. Earlier today Darryl Stephens addressed the NA Fan Discussion Group to clarify monday's comments and said this: "Darryl never said "Fuck this group" or that he didn't "want to do the show anymore." So you know, the option of a third season hasn't been on the table since we got the word about the movie in 2007. There will never be a third season of Noah's Arc. I'm sorry if the truth upsets you or if my tone was too blunt (those of you who know me, know I don't sugar-coat shit or beat around the bush) but that's what we're working with. What IS a possibility and what this group is helping to make real is a SPIN OFF of Noah's Arc. Understand? There will be no third season. And on a side note... If you take things personally from people you don't know personally, you're bound to get your feelings hurt. I have nothing but love and respect for NA fans, which is why I went out of my way to clearly answer the constant question about the third season. No T, no shade. Now, GO ON ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS. ;)" and with this clarification finally brought closure to fans that indeed their would not be a 3rd season, but maybe a spin-off is in the works and from my understanding it would center around Noah and Wade characters played respectfully by Darryl Stephens and Jensen Atwood. And finally moment ago Director Patrik Ian Polk addressed NA Discussion Group anda had this to say "I see there's a lot of speculation flying around this page, so please allow me to set the record straight. Although it is true there will be no more "Noah's Arc" as we know it, the spin-off is still alive, script written & approved, just waiting for Logo to give it the greenlight. I'm told by the powers-that-be that the show will be up for consideration in September when all the MTV Networks execs convene to make their next round of programming decisions. So keep the faith, enjoy those reruns & dvd's...and please know that we all appreciate your support. Thanks!" So there you have it folks lets see what the folks at MTV do come September and see if indeed the spin-off is a go.

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Unknown said...

i think their crazy not to bring it back noah's arc has a huge following even 5yrs later after it went off the air to me that speak's for it's self they could be making so much money do u know the movie theaters would sell out if they did another movie logo's rating's through the a straight woman i could'ent get enough of the show so u see it's not just the gay's that watch us straight's watch it too.if i were a exc i would pick this up y'all crazy lol