Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"Far Away" (The Church Version) Inspired by Marsha Ambrosious

Many of you are familiar with Marsha Ambrosius's hit "Far Away." The song deals with homophobia and suicide within the LGBT Community. Singer, Vocal Coach, and Youtube sensation, Erik Dillard presents the hit song in a new light. "Far Away: The Church Version" is a new take on the Marsha Ambrosius song. It deals with DL Men who live double lives and how the Black Church mishandles gays. The rendition also deals with the pressure form the Black Church for a homosexual to change and the harsh anti-gay messages sent to homosexuals. The video is directed by Jason L. Bunkley. He can be found on youtube at . The movie stars Eric Dillard, Crystal Demure, and Robert Pringle. You may find Erik teaching voice lessons and singing at . Get into "Far Away: The Church Version," in the video below.

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