Tuesday, June 7, 2011

No One in the World By E. Lynn Harris

RM Johnson worked with E. Lynn Harris on this compelling novel, which tells the story of twin brothers struggling to uncover many questions about themselves and one another.

Criminal defense attorney Cobi Aiden Winslow is the son of Cyrus Winslow, the owner of Winslow Products, a popular black hair care line. Cobi believes his father is ashamed of him and hates him because he’s gay—and then his parents are killed in a car accident before Cobi can resolve things with him. The will says that Cobi and his sister (“Sissy”) will share the inheritance…with a brother they didn’t even know they had: Cobi’s twin, Eric, has been raised in foster care his entire life. The will also stipulates that Cobi only gets his share of the fortune if he marries—a woman—by his thirty-fifth birthday and stays married for two years. When the siblings are reunited, Eric freaks out when he discovers Cobi’s gay because he was molested by an older man as a child, and Sissy fears he’ll blow Cobi’s cover. As they navigate through their trials and tribulations, getting blackmailed repeatedly along the way, someone’s going to have to stand up and take a fall. But which of the brothers will rise to the occasion?


Juan said...

"Cobi’s gay because he was molested by an older man as a child" - SMH. One step forward, two steps back.

Langstan said...

Juan I think that statement is mean to read that Eric is freaking out over Cobi being gay, because HE(Eric)was molested by and older man...possibly while he was in foster care...the problem is a lack of a comma. That doesn't even sound like a scenario that E. Lynn would foster in any of his books.