Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Update: Suicide of NYC Activist of Joseph Jefferson

According to reports the death of Joseph Jefferson, 26 who was a black gay male who committed suicide on this past saturday had in fact had nothing to do with anti-bullying but was an domestic situation. Joseph was in a relationship and had just moved in his boyfriend and they had a arguement and due to the arguement, Joseph decided to take his life.

Joseph Jefferson graduated from Harvey Milk High in 2002, worked at Gay Men of African Descent on HIV prevention, and is described as an "advocate for LGBT youth"

Again Joseph was very active in the community and such a great individual and will be truly missed funeral arrangement have been made and the service will take place this Sunday Octoober 31 at Ponce Funeral Home which is located at 2715 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn - (718) 277-2333.

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algie said...

this has to stop!!! life is too precious!!! to end it ourselves.my heart goes out to his family