Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mondo Gurerra Loses on Project Runway but still a Winner

Mondo Gurerra moments ago lost on the Season 8 finale of Project Runway on Lifetime and even though he lost he is still a winner in the hearts of alot of folks aross the country due to him shocking the tv world when he revealed that he was HIV positive during episode 10. 

During the episode the contestants had to their own textiles. Their garment design could be anything, but the textile design had to be something very personal. All the contestants were shown photos from their youth.

Mondo Guerra was raised Catholic. He came out to his mom at age 17 and she wanted to keep that a secret. He explained that his textile was based on a plus sign that represents his HIV positive status.
He’s held the secret for 10 years of his life. That’s amazing. He’s 32.

Mondo: “This has been so hard to keep a secret from my parents because I feel guilt and I feel shame. I feel like if they knew, I don’t know if they’d know how to deal with it and I’ve just realized that I can’t live that way anymore. I can’t hide anything because I am such a better person than just being a coward.”

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