Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Raz B Management Responses to latest Molesatation Accusations with Marques Houston & Chris Stokes

Below is a statement from Raz B Management team that contacted Andresflava to make clarity as to why Raz B decided to bring up the accusations again in regards to Chris Stokes and Marques Houston Molesting him when he was 13. Just to be clear Raz B is now 27.


Raz is a former member of B2K and now a solo artist. When Raz made the original statement back in '07 he wasn't as tactful with his approach as we (his team at the time) would have liked. As his publicist and part of his management team for over 5years, I obviously know he has a fan base and his movements are watched. However, his personal inner turmoil is not for the fans per se. How many fans have been abused (be it emotionally, physically,or verbally), how many have been raped, how many have been neglected, how many have come forward only to not be believed? How many fans have been arrested or in a fight for acting out because they were so angry and felt so stifled because no one would listen? How many of us have issues in our own lives that when we get to discussing, we still get angry, no matter how old we are and no matter how long it's been since it originally happened.

Raz has been in this industry for years and years before B2K even became a household name. Raz did an interview on the Doo Dirty show about a week ago and he said, "I was a kid when I entered the industry. Everyone is around when they want to make money off of you, but no one teaches you the business or how to handle yourself in certain situations" Everyone is talking about what they "WOULD HAVE" done had it happened to them, at that age he SHOULD HAVE known better and so on. But those of us who are fortunate enough to never have had that experience cannot and should never talk about what we woulda, and he coulda, shoulda, done. You never know how you are going to respond to ANY situation until it happens to you.

People are going to believe what they want in any situation. I'd like to think that people are more intelligent then they let on. Raz has not spoken to Quindon and neither Raz nor myself knew that Vibe had contacted Quindon when they did an interview on the whole situation in '08. I cannot speak on Quindon's behalf but Raz is aware of the Eddie Long allegations. So while everyone is like why is he talking about it again, because it is in his face again. He is Maurice Robinson, Anthony Flag, Jamal Parris, and Spencer LeGrande. He is every little boy or girl that trusted an adult and had their innocence taken in the process. He was recently sent paperwork to serve Chris, the Eddie long case, Omarion calling him bi-polar on the radio these are constants in his life regardless if the media is around to see. It's not "okay I said it in 07 and now I will say it again in '10." These things didn't go away because the cameras did. People will continue to judge, and joke, and speculate and that is fine and that is their right to do so but ultimately it's about Raz, and Quindon, and anyone else being able to deal with their past in order to be able to move on with their future and regardless of how we feel about it or what we think, we should respect that.

It's like with gay people. People say gays aren't born that way. Would anyone purposely want to be something where they can be beaten, taunted, bullied, harassed, or killed. If Raz wanted "attention" he could have done a number of things. I don't know many men, especially black straight men that say I'm gonna tell the world that my cousin molested me just for shits and giggles....

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