Thursday, October 7, 2010


So just a few moments ago I watched Oprah who brought back the spokesmen to the DL population J L King who in 2004 said that he wasn't a gay man but today is saying he is a "Proud Gay Man" well what a difference 6 years makes. He acknowledged that he basically generalized his actions and lumped us all in (Gay, Bi, DL) which is so not the case. Caught up? Good! Now I have dated Men on the "DL" (yes relationship) where the main setting for it is discretion no in public outings when you live in the area, most will never meet your friends and if your cool with that then cool. He (JL)was a married man who wrote this book trying to expose a life that rejected him. When you live such a life and it's good as he said in 2004 then why would you write about the life you enjoyed living in such an ugly light? See to me watching JL today seems like he is your typical jaded queen who is mad at himself for spending his life trying to cover his track when he was gay all along... i.e. Did you see his facial hair trimmed and dyed? If this is the true you then why are you trying to appear younger? He still did not accept the responsibility of the fact that for 6 years we as open gay black men had to defend ourselves based on the garbage called his book. He didn't even mention his book probably because he now wants to be a part of the group he basically threw under the bus. I could care less about what his new found gayness (which was just as gay in 2004) brings you,you made your bed now rot in it. He may just want his next book title... ugh! This has been Brazil @4ever_Brazil and that's my 2 cents

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