Saturday, October 4, 2008

O.J. Simpson found guilty on all counts

As i opened my eyes at 2:15am this morning CNN was on with breaking news that the jury after 13 hours of deliberating had come back with an verdict. The Irony of the day the verdict was happening 13 years earlier in an LA courtroom OJ Simpson was found innocent of killing his wife Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. I was thinking maybe they would find him innocent again. First it was the co-defendent who got the charges read to him. Guilty,guilty,guilty...... to all 12 charges. I was stunned cause i knew what that meant for OJ and sure enough when the clerk read off the charges og Guilty 12 times i got teary eyed for a second. This 61 year old man was goin to jail for the rest of his life. Below is the verdict being read to him.

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