Saturday, October 25, 2008

Noah's arc:Jumping The Broom Movie Review pt 2

Noah's Arc:Jumping the Broom movie by far went beyond what i expected it would do for me i was a huge fan on the series and even had watch parties each week with friends but like every other fan was sadden when the show ended. I must admit i was vey nervous when i walked iin the theater i didnt know if it would be crowded or if our ommunity would say fuck it and not give a damn. But to my amazement when i walked into the the first showing at 115pm on friday til i left the theater at 8pm yes ii saw the movie 3 it was that good. The community and fans came out in numbers straight, gay, old and young, black,white,as well as couples and singles came to show LOGO network that this was a show tha made a difference and that people loved. We as a community did a great job here in dc and if you saw lonnell video so did chicago and i hearing great reviews in LA,NYC and ATL. outstanding!

From the opening scenes where we see (noah) sitting on the deck and kicking up his heels in his fierce boots to the drama between chance and eddie would it finally end?, to ricky not growing up at all and still being a slut, to mama alex wilding out and acting a fool.The movie saw much growth in all the characters old and new and in the end you hope more would come from it. This movie gave you comedy, drama, and even made you teared eyed. Patrik Ian Polk did a outstanding job in this film which only took 15 days to film in Nova scotia Canada. Below is a video capturing scences from the film as well as some pics i took from the premiere yesterday at E Street Cinemas.

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Roderick said...

The only problem with the movie is that I feel they didn't leave plot lines open enough to reprise the series. It was a great finale but how many times can the cast break up and make up before the story line seems forced and "unrealistic?" Also I see they've pretty much created a new naive, "Noah" character. He just seemed a lil too after school special for me.