Monday, October 27, 2008

Andresflava extends Condolences to J-Hud & Family

My deepest condolences goes out to Jennifer Hudson and her family in their grieving period. I can not even imagine what she is goin thru having to lose 3 family members like that. Her mom, brother and nephew is just sad. Below is the very latest into the investigation.

According to

a distraught Jennifer Hudson arrived at the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office moments ago to identify the body of her nephew, Julian King, 7.

Around 4 p.m. Eastern Standard time, two black SUVs believed to be carrying Hudson family members pulled out of the basement garage of the Trump Tower in downtown Chicago. An unmarked police squad car left shortly after that, followed by a crowd of about a dozen people who left through the luxury hotel’s lobby and declined comment.
Soon after, the SUVs arrived at the offices of the Cook County medical examiner’s office. The vehicles left the scene about 4:54 p.m. EST. (Source)

Chicago police brought Julian’s body to the medical examiner’s office shortly after noon today and Hudson and other family members arrived about three hours later, said office spokesman Sean Howard.

When the group entered a viewing room at the office Hudson held her head down, as if praying, he said. The family then identified Julian via a video screen mounted on a wall that showed his face. The family chose the video screen option rather than looking directly at the body, Howard said.

The family was “obviously distraught,” but Howard said Hudson “remained strong for her family. It was very clear she was the leader.

“She held hands with her family. It was obviously a very emotional moment.”
When they saw the boy’s face on the screen, Hudson told investigators, “Yes, that is him,” Howard said.

Sources say earlier today police told Hudson and her family that the body of the boy found in the back of a truck on Chicago’s West Side was Julian.

HOW POLICE FOUND JULIAN KING BODY 14 miles from where his grandmother and uncl were killed:

The Chicago Tribune cites law enforcement sources who say the body was found on the floor in the back seat of the white Chevrolet Suburban police were looking for in their search for 7-year-old Julian King.

Sources said that the boy was shot twice in the head and also suffered head trauma. The boy was wearing basketball shorts and a white T shirt when found. Police believe the boy was shot to death inside the Suburban. Police are testing the clothing of a man in custody for gunshot residue. The clothing is believed to belong to William Balfour, Jennifer Hudson’s bother-in-law.
Balfour was taken into custody at a girlfriend’s home hours after the bodies were found. Sources say the girlfriend contradicted his alibi. Police say they’ve also caught him in at least one other lie. Police were able to track his whereabouts Friday through cell phone records, sources said. The girlfriend lives two miles from where the truck was found.

Hudson family members are on their way to the Cook County medical examiner’s office this afternoon to identify the body. Police Supt. Jody Weis will hold a press conference at 4 p.m. today.

Police arrived at the Suburban with Illinois license plate X584859 before 8 a.m. in the 1300 block of South Kolin Avenue, after receiving a call of a suspicious vehicle.
LaSahawn Bouie, 36, said officers first opened the back door. “They knew there was a body in there,” he said, adding that investigators looked inside and then too pictures.

It was found by a 75-year-old who lives on the block, John Louden. He said he has lived on the block for 18 years and worried about people selling drugs in the abandoned building behind it. He saw the SUV while walking his dog. After a double-take, he realized the license plate matched the one police were looking for.

“I didn’t look in there. I didn’t touch it. I knew it was a strange vehicle,” Louden said. He said police showed up in about five minutes after his wife called them. They discovered the child inside. The body was removed and the SUV was towed away for evidence processing. “I feel bad about that baby,” Louden said.

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