Tuesday, October 28, 2008

LL Cool J leaves the Rock Witchu Tour

LL Cool J leaves the Rock Witchu Tour

LL Cool J's publicist confirmed today that he has dropped out of being opening act on the Rock Witchu Tour, according to the Associated Press.His publicity firm is citing an unnamed scheduling conflict as the reason why he is leaving the tour.There currently are only two more dates left for the tour: Detroit on Tuesday and New York City on Saturday. The AP report goes on to say that Janet is expected to announce more dates.While originally intended to be the opening act for the bulk of the shows on the tour, LL Cool J only ended up performing on the tour four times - Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto, and Kansas City. A handful of other dates had been postponed due to Janet's recent illness.

I knew something was up when he was at the DC show and did not come out at all and sources told me that him and janet had a fallen out i was surprise to hear he did kansas city a few days ago. Janet ruined LL Cool J promotion of his album with her "illness" granted live nation who is the company who is promoting janets tour top official did confirm to me that she was indeed sick i guess LL felt differently otherwise. whateva the case were people really coming to see LL anyway so was this a good or bad move by LL??

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QH said...

I like LL, but I always felt that at this point Janet did need an opening act.

She had three LPs of material to cover, in addition to her classic stuff. Meh, I don't think anyone is hurting over that.-QH