Friday, October 17, 2008

Janet Jackson Rocks DC pt 3

As stated from the teaser we had a hell of a time putting this video you are about to see together and combine my stuff and Darian and Lonnell stuff all into 1. I had an amazing time even if i had to to be up 4 24 hours it was worth it for Janet. Janet Jackson definately shut it down! Beyonce who?? LOL!!!Kudos to my fellow bloggers i had an fabolous time with you guys. Darian your a great personwit a great heart and i enjoyed our convos. and Lonnell as always good hangin with u and will see u soon. Please make sure to check out their blogs. and

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QH said...

Hi, I added your two friends Lonnell and Darian, they featured me in their D.C. Janet video (curly hair, red shirt) and I saw you had blog links there, which led to great blogs.

I have one as well, so I added you, lol. Keep up the good work.-QH