Tuesday, October 14, 2008


We will have extensive wall to wall coverage of the Return of Ms. Janet Jackson as she finally return to perform on her tour after missing 8 schedule concert dates due to a "mysterious illness" We will have pre and post concert coverage for u and you never know what surprises are bound to take place. Media Bloggers Darian Aaron www.loldarian.com and Lonnell Williams of www.lonnellwilliams.blogspot.com will also be on hand for return, so stay tuned to all three blogs all day tomorrow and thursday as we bring you the return of Janet! Below is confirmation on Janet's return.

Janet confirms the tour is still on in new SayNow message

In a new message posted this evening on SayNow. com, Janet dismissed rumors that the Rock Witchu Tour is being cancelled. She also confirmed that tomorrow night's show in Washington D.C. will go on as scheduled.

The full text message:

"Hey you guys it's me.
It's what, the 14th of October?

I know you guys have been hearing a lot, a lot of rumors - the tour's been cancelled - none of that's true. I'm actually rolling into D.C. right now to do my first show coming back. I feel a lot better and I just want to thank all of you, each and every one of you for all of your wonderful messages and wishing well. I really do appreciate all the love and the support.

And once again, don't believe anything that you hear and you read. The tour's still on. And like I said, my first show back is gonna be D.C., which is tomorrow night, the 15th of October. So, I hope I'll see you guys there who are in D.C.

We're excited, we're really excited, and it's gonna feel good coming back. And thank you once again for everything. I love you. Bye."

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