Friday, May 29, 2009

DC Black Pride 2009 Update(2)

I am still editing footage from DC BLACK PRIDE 2009 so stay tuned! but in the mean time check out my good friend Justin B. Smith as he covers the BBQ that took place on Monday Memorial Day in Temple Hills,MD once again i would like to send a big kudos to the ENTIRE DC BLACK GAY PRIDE STAFF for an amazing weekend. New president Khalid Parker you did a faboulous job as well as DC Official Promoter Daryl Wilson kudos to all the nite events. Friday Night at 930 Nightclub Sunday at Bravo Bravo with Mya was Off the chain.


Unknown said...

Word on the streets is Daryl Wilson's 930 Club was almost empty this past Friday.

Most of the kids were at K&C Productions' LIV Nightclub just off U Street. I was there. It was packed and the boys were lookin' like somethin'.

Andresflava said...

well the streets lied to u both levels were packed a